Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Celebrating International Woman's Day And Curverellas Of The Month

Last Sunday it was International Womens day. There has been load of great articles and post written about why this was important and how we can do more for Women all over the world so I wont be adding any more to that conversation other than to say it was so wonderful to see the streams of female centered positivity flooding my social media timelines. Just amazing.
Quite aptly I spent the day promoting my plus size tee shirt company Nicky Rockets at an event held at the Liverpool venue The baltic Social. It was a fabulous day, filled with quirky stalls, great music (the DJ almost had me in tears at one point playing Hearts barracuda swiftly followed by Stevie Nicks Edge of seventeen-it was epic) 
Nicky Rockets himself-showing off his wares

Its  lovely to take our brand out and about. Its amazing how much people love not only the designs but also the underlying message of our company. Tee shirts featuring women of all shapes and sizes being totally fierce, Time travelling, being a pirate, exploring space, killing zombies and just simply asking "Do you want curves with that?"

You gotta ask before you touch my booty
Nicky Rockets for the win
Celebrating International Womens Day with this bunch of babes-good stuff
A stall full of plus size awesomeness
Baba came along too-it looks like she is flipping us the bird but she is playing with her necklace (this made us laugh so much)
People also really appreciate that we stock sizes small to 5XL (because guess what Women come in all shapes and sizes)) and that they are designed made and printed in the UK.
The big hit of the day at the Baltic Social was our new Plumpy paws design (fat kitty's for the win) 
Everybody is loving our pussy Plumpy paws

and surprisingly our Curvy Time traveller design. Liverpool loves it Doctor Who homages it seems, especially when they feature plump chicks with crazy frizzy hair.
Scousers love Time travellers-hurrah
We are taking the brand to a few other events over the next few months including Style XL and Curvy Convention so will keep you updated in case you fancy popping to see us and saying hello to Curverella.

This months Curverellas Speaking of which I must do my Curverellas of the month round up from February. 
You know how much it makes my heart sing when you share pictures of yourselves wearing our tees on facebook and instagram. The diversity in our customers is testament to the fact that regardless of your shape, size or age everyone looks absolutely banging in a Nicky Rockets Tee-it seems to give everyone some extra confidence and kick ass sassiness.
Take a look:

How absolutely amazing do they all look! Love it. I am so proud of my brand and adore the community it has created. Women from all around the world exuding confidence in my feminist body positive tees.
 If you have a picture to add to my gallery of fabulousness just use the instagram hashtag #nickyrockets or tag us on facebook or twitter  at @nickyrockets

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