Monday, 2 March 2015

5 Plus Size Style Rules You Need To Follow Immediately

As a plus size fashion blogger I often get asked what my top styling rules are. Please note I take these rules very seriously and demand you pay very close attention-there will be test afterwards.

Rule # 1
Wear what makes you feel fabulous.

I feel like a fabulous bitch in this outfit-bow down to my Mermaid covered Peplum
Never be a slave to fashion, trends or convention. 
If an outfit makes you feel really lovely, then wear it- a lot. It doesn't matter that its a last season skirt and a pair of sparkly ballet shoes which you suspect have more than a whiff of a Cinderella dressing up outfit about them, if it makes you feel good wear it.

Rule # 2
Wear really form fitting outfits-or don't

VBO Alert

I love me some body con. I have no problem getting by VBO out and showing what my mama gave me. I lived in tunics for years and rather like the time I drank a whole bottle of pernod and was sick as a dog meaning the smell of  aniseed makes me barf, tunics also  bring all sort of bad feelings to the surface. Does this mean tunics are bad? no of course not. If you like wearing free flowing clothes and feel like a sausage in a skin wearing tight outfits then own it. Just because some daft plus size fashion blogger is happy to wear an outfit so tight you can see what she had for lunch (guilty as charged) doesn't mean you have to follow suit.See a theme emerging here, do what the hell you want, wear whatever you like.

Rule # 3
Just because everyone else is calling a particular trend or style "cool" or fierce" its OK to think its a bit...horrible.
Taste is by its very nature individual. What looks amazing on some plus size babes might not actually look great on you, or more importantly it probably looks great but you just don't like it, you don't feel like the best version of you. As a plus size fashion blogger I have tried loads of things which have taken me out of my comfort zone. Some of them have stuck (I can't believe I hated stripes, now I rock them) others I don't think are quite my thing (onesies as day wear, I thought I looked like Lilly Allen I actually looked like I had my Pyjamas on and was just nipping to the shop for milk and fags)
Dip your toe in the water of a trend you are unsure of, give it  a try, if you hate it, that's why God invented returns. It doesn't matter how many people tell you it looks great on facebook, if you feel a right numpty in something, bin it.

Rule # 4
I am rocking Black not because it makes me look slimmer but because it makes me look cooler-big difference
Wear Loads Of Colour Rather Than Black-Or Don't
For years we fattys were force fed the idea that we had to live in black because it was "slimming" this became quite dull and now its rather lovely to walk around like a Dulux colour chart. However if you actually love wearing all black, feel chic, cool and just rather awesome in it then dive in. All the coolest people have rocked black (Joey Ramone, Debbie Harry, Wednesday Adams)  and why should we reject all things noire.Colour, monochrome, a mix of the two. Its your life wear what you like.

I'm breaking my own rules and will be punished
Rule # 5
Ignore all style rules
You don't need me or anyone else to tell you what to wear. No one knows your body, style and clothing dreams better than you. Be a rule breaker, make up your own rules (and then break them in defiance of your own self you anarchic bitch) You already look pretty damn fine, you need no one elses input.

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