Sunday, 8 March 2015

5 Facts That Will Shock You About Fat Bodies

Pick up any magazine, scan the tv listings, even eavesdrop at the bus stop and it's easy to think that fat bodies are very, very different from slimmer ones. With this in mind and to avoid further confusion I have compiled this handy guide.

Fact #1

Fat bodies can be really unhealthy and also really healthy and all things in-between
I am healthy, and fat and that's not unusual
Yep despite  the stark warnings and stern looks fat bodies encounter at every turn some are very healthy indeed. 
Also a little known fact is that not all thin people are healthy ( I know this stunned me too) and when fat bodies get ill it isn't always because they are fat. Don't worry if that last one had made you need a lie down. Centuries of body shaming being dismantled in one swoop is a lot to contend with.

Fact #2

Naked Fat bodies look exactly the same as thin ones, just fatter.
Under this teeshirt is..a normal body

If you google "plus size naked" or "fat naked woman" ( and don't I implore you) you might be left with the impression that a fat body (particularly a fat females body) is an exotic, vaguely deformed thing. The appreciation of fat female nakedness seems in the main part to be viewed as a  fetish. Terms like "BBW" perpetuate the notion that to find a fat body attractive is to enter an erotic dark continent of "otherness"

Sorry to be a myth smasher but underneath our clothes our bodies are perfectly normal. We are not like fungus the bogeymans wife with three nipples. It's all anatomically regular, just fatter.

Fact # 3

Some Fat bodies  are sweaty, some are  not. 
I am not a sweaty Betty
I once worked with a man who actually said to me when I came back from the gym "Wow you actually don't sweat much for a fat lass" 
The idea that fatness is a bit dirty is just another example of body shaming spin. Despite our bodies being bigger, our sweat glands are totally in proportion so we sweat just like regular sized people. Some fat people are smelly because they are tardy with personal hygiene, but here's the thing, so are some  slim people- what I have surmised via years of research is that it's not your body shape or size which determines how fragrant you smell it's all down to individual grooming which has no direct link to what size dress you wear. Wow!

Fact #4
Fat bodies are attractive to slimmer people 

Yep some thin people do actually fancy fatties
It's a strange thing that whilst we are constantly told that fat bodies are unattractive and will (if you are lucky) only attract "chubby chasers" fat people the world over walk hand in hand with slimmer people who far from finding their fat bodies repulsive find them really hot. It's true.
Fat people get laid a lot and their partners are a variety of shapes and sizes. Fat sex is happening right now, as you are reading this (the daily mail melts)

Fact #5

People with fat bodies often really like them
Front and back I like what I see
Not every person with a fat body wants to change it. Lots and lots of fat people are actually quite happy with what they see in the mirror and care very little about the opinion of others. 
It's easy for fat people to be portrayed as standing in front of their mirrors pulling at their belly rolls weeping but the reality is a lot of us think we look really good. We don't need the affirmation of others. We are not a "before" picture we are a "right fucking now" picture. Get used to it. We and our fat bodies are going nowhere. 
This concludes today's lesson. 

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