Saturday, 21 February 2015

(You Have The Key) To My Daria Heart Locket Dress

I am so over winter. Grey skies, frosty mornings, I feel like a snake that needs to shed its skin or a flower bashing its head at the frozen ground ready to bloom.

I am ready to bloom

With this in mid I have decided to launch my Spring Fling. A month of spring inspired outfit posts, make up tutorials and craft projects to just shake off this miserable weather and get ready for some milder times ahead.
I've even made a banner with some help from my very talented eight year old daughter. Isn't it great.

Kicking off my Spring fling is this beautiful Daria Heart Locket Dress by Tiger Milly £34.99

The Daria Heart Locket dress

With its bright blue colour and jaunty heart locket design in peach its a breath of fresh air in frock form. I feel absolutely gorgeous in it.

How sweet is this print

The shape of this dress is perfect and it has so many small details which really lift it from your usual vintage inspired frock. 
Its all about the detail
The neckline is a gentle V which isn't too plunging (making it perfect for work) and features a scalloped edge detail which is quite unusual and so pretty.

Nip nip

The waist is gently tapered and comes with a petrol blue leather belt which really finishes it off and makes your waist look tiny (even if like mine its actually big, round and juicy)

The print of a heart with a key is also quite unusual for a vintage inspired dress and not one I have seen before, the three hearts remind me of my family of three and how lucky I am and the use of the peach against the petrol blue is really striking.I adore it.

Great length
The length is also a complete winner.It hits my mid calf so would be great if you want to add an underskirt but is yet again really work appropriate as you can move and bend in it without fear of flashing anyone. 

I took these pictures in beautiful Ashton park near my house which is just rubbing the winter sleep from its eyes and getting ready for Spring. It had hailed about half an hour earlier so anyone seeing me being photographed with bare legs and no coat must have thought me quite mad but this is Betty's "Spring Fling" not Bettys "wrap up and stay warm fling" see I suffer my art/blog.

Baba Bee and Mister Truffles came along to heckle me-don't you just love Mister Truffles jaunty pose.

I am also creating a spring playlist for my i-pod and here is the first song "Roam" by the B-52s. Perfect for getting you in an upbeat frame of mind and still the best hair in pop.

Photos-Nicky Rockets

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