Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Silver Triple Star Pendant by Vicky Davies: My Dream Come True

I love to wear jewellery, regular readers will know what a magpie I am so when Jewel street a relatively new online Jewellrey retailer got in touch and asked if I would like to try their service I was very chuffed indeed.
What I hadn't planned on was what a huge amount of choice they offer which made deciding on one item tricky (a very nice predicament to be in that's for sure) with 250 designers its the biggest jewellery marketplace in the world with some really gorgeous pieces starting at a mere £20.

I decided on the Silver Triple Star pendent £87  by the designer Vicky Davies 

In just  a few clicks my order was made and a few weeks later I received my item in a very cute box. Both the service and presentation was flawless.

With its differing sized stars on a diamond ball chain with handmade clasp and hallmarked id tag its very pretty but I didn't just choose it because of that.
Three stars is always symbolic to me so its already a very special piece in my jewellery collection.

I look like I'm about to burst into singing the star spangled banner

The eagle eyed of you may have noticed that I have three stars tattooed on my wrist. I had this done many years ago. 
Like a lot of women becoming a mother wasn't especially easy and for a time I resigned myself to the fact it wasn't meant to be. 
Always a great believer in the power of affirmations I decided to get my deepest wish inked onto my body, the wish that one day my unit of two would become three.
Back in the day-getting my ink on

Finally my little star arrived
You all know by now that my wish came true and I am blessed with the cutest little girl in the world.

So I am wearing my three stars in celebration of dreams really coming true.

Photos-Nicky Rockets

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