Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Inner Goddess Has Her Sequined Miami Red Dress On!

With valentines around the corner my dress today is rather perfect. 
Its clingy, its gaudy, its red and its making me feel very much like Jessica rabbit.

The dress on me
The dress on Towies Gemma Collins

Its by the Gemma Collins collection and is called Miami Red £24.99 
Ms Collins has a selection of dresses for the season of hearts and flowers whether you love it, hate or simply ignore it, claiming: 

 'Valentine's day is not just about having someone. Dressing up and feeling fabulous should be for you not for someone else - You should feel like a million bucks whether you're on a date or out with your girls"

Well said Gemma, anyway back to the dress.Its probably the definition of a cocktail dress, it almost demands you be sipping a drink with an umbrella in. I'm off out for drinks with Nicky Rockets so this will become a reality in ooh about thirty minutes so I thought it best I get some photos taken before I spill my Appletini down it.

Ready for some Cocktail action

The sizing on this sequined encrusted number is true and unlike a lot of dresses in this style it has slightly wider than average straps which I am very grateful for. I can't be faffed to find a strapless bra so this covers up the straps quite nicely.

I am ready to wrestle Crystal Carrington over Blake

My trusty Simply be shrug £11 looks perfect with this and as its threatening snow outside means I wont be freezing to death as I totter to the car.
January's been a long month and I'm loving this opportunity to get my glam on and channel my inner Joan Collins. Big hair, false lashes and a dress that is the colour of a glass of good red wine.

The perfect dress for dinner, dancing and just being a sexy bitch

I really like the cut of this dress. It features ruched side panels which create the illusion of an hour glass figure and a heart shaped neckline which isn't too plunging.
 I wont lie it is one of those dresses which is an absolute nightmare to get into as its heavy with sequins and ruching (so do your hair after getting dressed would be my tip) but once on it feels very comfortable.
Length wise its past my knee but I am on the shorter side. On the product image it hits Gemma Collins at the knee and she is quite tall so its not  a knicker skimmer.

I'm an hourglass-just with a little more sand

I think you can never have enough sequins in your wardrobe so its the perfect frock for adding some much needed sparkle into this rather cold month.
As the wonderful Philip Treacy once said 
"Everybody loves things that sparkle"
Well I certainly do.

Gaga in Philip Treacy-A simple little number, great for the school run

*I never lie to you dear readers this item was gifted for review*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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