Thursday, 5 February 2015

Curverella And The Zombies: The Sequel

Sometimes something is just so good you have to go back for more. 
Kisses, popping candy chocolate  and episodes of OITNB are my worst offenders and it seems you are all very happy Nicky Rockets has produced a second helping of Curverella featuring some Zombie action.

Our original Curverella and the Zombie tee is one of our best sellers. There is so much love for our plus size heroine kicking undead ass and we have been asked again and again to produce more, so you asked,we listened. Its here-its awesome.

Curverella Power

Curveralla is a one woman zombie fighting machine. An axe in each hand and goggles on her head (even kick ass adventure babes don't want blood spray destroying their eyeliner) She is fearless, feisty and strong enough to dispatch a room full of the undead without messing up her hair bunches.

I'm a one woman zombie killing machine

Our loyal customers have fed back how much they love it when we add some colour to our designs so here we have creepy green zombie hands clutching at the yellow door and of course Curverellas hair is fire red, the colour of her favourite lipstick,curry and shoes.

I had great fun posing for these shots. I definitely take on the spirit of Curverella when I wear these tees. Its hilarious how comfortable I am vogueing with an axe in my hand. Heres Betty...

The Teeshirts are £15 come in sizes small to 5XL and we offer our usual range of round neck, slash neck and lady fit so however you wear your Nicky Rocket designs there is a fit and size for you.We ship worldwide Shop here

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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