Saturday, 17 January 2015

Why should I follow that beat? Pink Floral Chiffon Dress by Yours Clothing

I have just turned 43. I am in my forties, an age that is still widely viewed as the beginning of a woman's decline. 
An age where if she wears anything other than beige capris from Next she is at risk of being called mutton. No longer viewed as fertile and juicy, perhaps even a bit  dried up.Fat, forty, washed up with nothing to look forward to except menopause and tenapads.

Delicious Dynamic Females In Their Forties

I remember in my twenties thinking that anyone in their forties was decrepit, ancient and certainly had no real place in the world of fashion, style or contemporary culture, and yet, and yet here we are. 
The world is bursting at the seams with delicious dynamic females who having plodded along throughout their twenties and thirties are suddenly finding they are a torrent of creative, energy. 

I want more of everything

I know I have never felt so vital. I want more of everything. More colour, more taste, more song, more laughter and my style, well I have never been more sure of what I like and given less of a fuck what others think. Its liberating and intoxicating.
I have finally realised I don't need gang colours, I don't need acceptance to quote Fiona Apple  "Why should I follow that beat being that I'm better than fine"
My clothing is an expression of my artistic freedom, I want every outfit I wear to be like a beautiful postcard from the Tate gallery, a scene from a Fellini film, or a painting by Frida Khalo.
My clothing is an expression of my artistic freedom
Its a lie that the best years of your life are the early ones, a well kept secret that sneaky bitches have been chuckling about for years. Winking to each other in the street wrapped in faux fur, velvet, jewel colours, with chopsticks stuck in our manes and stars in our eyes. We are informed that from an age perspective we are in the  gutter but know that we are actually frolicking in the stars.

We are all of us in the gutter but some of us (in our 40s) are reaching for the stars

Having craved acceptance, worried endlessly about pleasing others and generally subjugated my desires over the needs and expectations of others I finally feel really free. As if an invisible cord has snapped. 
I have navigated the choppy waters of careers,redundancy, bereavement, motherhood, and am here stronger than ever. The scary thing about us women of  a certain age is we know we can survive so other peoples bullshit just can't hurt us anymore. Sure it can dent our armor from time to time but like the Alien in the Sigourney Weaver movies if you draw blood its fucking battery acid and you will come off worst.

I will finish today's post with details of my outfit. Adorning my lionheart  is a sugary sweet confection. I have had my eye on this pink floral chiffon dress £13.50 by Yours clothing ever since I modelled it for them last year. I spied it in the sale and voile here I am defying snow forecasts and demanding spring comes early. the blossom in my garden concurs.My cardigan is from H and M.
Today's petsound is Fiona Apples Waltz song. This song embodies my current state of mind and its glorious.

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  1. Well said ! another great post ,and a gorgeous dress !!! have a lovely weekend ,always a pleasure reading your blog posts !.

  2. Fuck yeah, I agree with every word.... From a fellow 43 year old. We're fabulous!

  3. Well said that 43 year old woman! x

  4. Exactly right, I;m 47 and totally agree :0)

  5. Looking great honey, certainly not in decline! Very well said and lots of wise words xxx

  6. You are definitely still juicy .... I'm in my 20s and definitely don't see 40's as old or past it, in fact I look forward to being wiser than my naive 20-something self!

    C xx

  7. Keep bustin' those myths, gorgeous. By speaking as yourself you speak for us all. Who cares what previous generations thought. Like that woman in the programme said, "Never wear beige, it will kill you." Love your blog. x

  8. I just turned 32 in Dec and thought on no I don't have my life together I'm done for. Thank you for allowing me to see if I keep working at it I can be just as fab as you in my 40s.

  9. As someone who is 30 in April, I feel less maudlin than I did about 30. Sire life ain't perfect but when is it? I feel a bit bring it on and like: "you shoot me down but I won't fall, I am titanium." Fabulous writing as usual lady I really enjoy reading your blog it is a distinct voice. PS I tried that dress on it is a beaut x

  10. That dress is stunning, my favourite colour and so fun and flirty! Just checked and it's out of stock in my size, boo!

  11. Well said, from a woman looking down the barrel at her 41st birthday in less than 3 months. I'm only going to get wackier with age. Bring it on. xx

  12. You look great for 43!!! :) I remember at Plus London when you told me your age and I was in disbelief. I would never have guessed. :) I'm turning 40 in July, but it feels great!! Can't wait actually. :)xx

  13. Great post and happy 43! I just turned 32 yesterday and similar thoughts crossed my mind - when I was 18 I thought that surely, life must end at 30, but as time goes by, I feel more of the empowerment and freedom you write about. and the amount of fucks given when it comes to "what people think" decreases. I must admit, that today, 40 seems a little bit daunting (will I get to the proverbial "there" where I imagine and hope to be by that time?), but when I look at fabulous women like yourself I am inspired rather than dismayed. not just to drop the fear of future, but to embrace the present and enjoy the colours and the laughter. Thank you for that!

  14. Yeah! I was 40 at the start of the month, life is more colourful and full of opportunities than ever!


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