Monday, 19 January 2015

Style from the small screen at Lady Lever Art Gallery

I have vowed to myself that 2015 will be the year I spend more time surrounded by art, music and beautiful things and less time on twitter watching people being horrible. 

tremendous-and free
Do not touch-just gaze as if in a dream

To this end I spent Sunday at the beautiful Lady Lever Art Gallery which was having an exhibition of costumes from the TV show  Downton Abbey. 
Not only was this an opportunity to see some beautiful costume making there was also real examples of clothing from 1912-1923
If you are from the North West and have never been to the Lady Lever I really recommend  you visit it sometime. It is just so beautiful and nestled in the crazy beauty that is Port Sunlight village its a total trip into another era.

I absolutely adore the 1920's for its fashions so this exhibition was such a treat. The fabrics and bead work are so luscious and yet with the loose waists and lack of corsets these clothes have such  a contemporary flavour. 
The exhibition was only small but beautifully presented. Quotes from writers, designers and activists of the era are emblazoned on the walls behind the clothes and really help draw you into the ideology and sense of change that was influencing the clothes at this time.

One quote which I loved was by the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst 
"We are fighting for a time when every little girl will have an equal chance with her brothers" 
How a woman looks is I believe  as politicised now as ever, sure we have the vote but we still have a long way to go for real equality and a woman's appearance has always been the battleground on which so many debates have taken place. 
Being with my daughter who will soon start to be aware how female  beauty is often  quantified and measured brought these thoughts home to me even more.

Fashion has to do with ideas-Coco knew

I always find the past is so inspiring when it comes to fashion. Its easy to get trapped into a homogenized dull acceptable way of dressing even when you are someone who spends a lot of time and energy on your appearance. Exhibitions like these are such a shot in the arm. I felt so creatively inspired afterwards and even more determined to incorporate rich fabrics, beading and feathers into my wardrobe.

This American Flapper dress was stunning-the bead detail was just extraordinary

A 1920's maternity dress-how I would have loved this when I was expecting

I would wear this to play my Theramin with a urban on
I am so in love with this coat and matching bag

I chose my own outfit for this outing carefully. I felt like I needed to pay my respects to all the designers and seamstresses throughout the ages whose vision and hard work help creare such magical things to cover our bodies. 
After much deliberation I chose the Gloss dress £25 and the Victorian Rose coat £79 both by Taking Shape and I felt fabulous.

In this dress I felt right at home with the wedgewood and  sculpture

The Gloss dress very much has a 1920's feel to it. It is a sleeveless chiffon panel dress with sequin detailing down the middle. It is a beautiful shape, relexed and flowing without feeling like a tent. It comes with a slip and I also put on a pair of the Wings sleeves £15.99 what with it being freezing.

After we had eaten in  all the beautiful clothes with our eyes we took a look at the rest of the galleys collection of exquisite art and furniture. 
Lord Lever was a lover of anything from the Napoleonic era so there is a lot of gilt, gold and cherubs. garish and glorious. I loved it.

I So love the paintings at this gallery
And so to bed

I was particularly taken with all the pre raphalite art and Neopoleons bed which is about the size of my entire bedroom.  

We finished with tea and cake and of course a little nosy in the giftshop where I fell in love with these darling felt hats.
I have to say thank you for all the lovely comments and emails I got about my style over forty post. I always had a sneaking suspicion this blog was read by extraordinary women and it seems my suspicions were well founded.
 As we were leaving the gallery a beautiful couple walked past us resplendent in furs,velvet and the chap even had silver platforms on. As I switched on the radio in the car David Bowies "Oh you pretty things" came on-coincidence, I think not!


*I never lie Dear Readers this outfit was gifted for review. My opinions are however my own*

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