Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Craft Of Alternative Plus Size

Those of you who follow my instagram (@bettypamper if you are wondering) will have seen this tee shirt £8.95 before as it was my Christmas gift from my bestie Lilly  and I wore it on Christmas day, in a Gothic yuletide stylee.

Christmas er cheer
The quote on this tee is from one of my favourite films The Craft and much like a dog is for life not just  for Christmas, a goth quote tee demands more than one outing. Its freezing here in west Kirby and still really gloomy (Nicky Rockets commented the other day that it feels like we are living in an episode of Wallander) so getting my fat goth on seems fitting.
Robert Smith meets Cher

I'm so in love with this black sequined oversize cardigan, it got a slightly Robert Smith meets Cher vibe which in my world is a glorious thing. Its long, its baggy, ity has deep pockets for pens, notebooks and lipsticks. Its great. It was about £6 from primark a few weeks ago.

Mister truffles coming in for  a love

My tube skirt  £9.60 is by Pink Clove and my stripy tights £8.82 are from an Amazon seller called Leg Avenue who goes up to a 4XL

What I like about this outfit is its not dissimilar to the kind of thing I wore when I was about 15 where I would be endlessly abused with taunts of "you fat goth" fast forward a decade (and some) and I am quite happy to sport a look that screams fat goth.In fact I embrace it.
Fat Goth Indeed
Dressing to hide the fact our bodies were not considered the norm is often at the root of many a creative dressers style. I know my freedom and joy when it comes to fashion stems from a decision I made years ago that as I was never going to look like Jennifer Aniston I would instead look like a work of art. Turns out it was a good call as look at all the fun I would have missed out on had I tried to run with the herd instead of the beat of my own drummer.

I hope January isn't kicking your arse too much. If it is here is a totally unnecessary picture of Mister Truffles. Just because.

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