Friday, 30 January 2015

Curverellas in Nicky Rocket T-shirts

Its been a while since I updated you on how my  tee shirt brand Nicky Rockets is doing.
I'm delighted to report that it is going from strength to strength. It seems women all around the world are loving our designs featuring curvy, empowered chicks.
We are constantly looking to improve our size range and now offer a 5XL in a  lot of the designs and following lots of  requests now offer cardigans too.
Despite it being winter business is just as brisk and the trend of ladies sending us photos of themselves getting their Curverella on is more and more popular.
I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Seeing people feeling awesome in designs which started off as the pipe dream of  a fat girl in the North West of England is endlessly gratifying. I may be slightly prejudiced but I can't help thinking our customers are the coolest women in the world. Here is January's gallery of gorgeousness.

Januarys Curverellas






I'm a great believer that words need to be supported by actions.I was bored of never seeing representations of women who looked more like me on tee shirts and rather than just bitch and moan I got the fantastically talented Nicky Rockets to design one and used my own money to get it into production. It was a risk but now when I see beautiful girls of all shapes, sizes and ages rockin their tees I know it was the right choice. 
Thankyou as always to our beautiful customer base who continue to support us, send us messages and of course amazing pictures. If you want to join the fun you can tag your pictures on isntagram, we are @nickyrockets or email us and we of course have a facebook page and twitter account.
A brand new Cureverella design has just gone into production and will be available in a week or so so keep your eyes peeled!

JANUARY SALE over at  Nicky Rockets-Only a few days left!

We need to make room for new Tshirts in 2015, so we are having a MASSIVE sale on 2 of our designs. This years Halloween Tee is now only £5, while the amazing 'Mutiny for her Bounty - You gotta ask before you touch my booty' Tee is an amazing £7. There is limited stock, and they won't be reprinted once they are gone, so come down and grab a bargain

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