Sunday, 4 January 2015

Scarlet Woman: Lucia All Over Lace Dress by Pink Clove

It may be the new year but the weather here is frosty and foggy so I am not quite ready to break out any pastels or pale colours. 
I am still feeling the call of the dramatic, the lure of lace and sluttish red and this dress fits the bill just perfectly.The moon looks like a big yellow cheese and my witchy senses are tingling, all signs that I must celebrate my female power in one of the most enjoyable ways I know-by dressing garishly and slightly inappropriately for a sedate afternoon in a cold North West town.

The waxing moon insists I wear this outfit-kind of
The Lucia All Over lace dress  £22.40 by Pink Clove is very similar to a black frock I had from this brand last year which I wore to death. 
Lace is like the fabric equivalent of a dangerous weapon, it needs handling with care and overuse can lead to disaster. Too nylony looking and you risk looking like a curtain, too billowing and its Bonnie Tyler in a video with Meatloaf.I like living on the edge and think in this case its handled to perfection.
Lace-handle with care
I really love the shape of this design. The neck is gently scooped and its cut so it gently flows out from underneath the bias.
It isn't a classic skater skirt fit but is looser than a classic pencil dress offering really well fitting looking frock.
This dress also has the one thing I constantly ask for-sleeves, generously cut sleeves too so no nipping at my underarms-bravo.

Red Hos Day

All this aside the real talking point of this outfit is the colour. Its the shade of red wine, a dark red yes but with no hint of Burgundy or purple and thankfully it doesn't veer into scary tomato territory. its the red of a good lipstick worn like warpaint on a day that requires extra armour, the red of the satin ballet pumps of folklore and the red of the tent from one of my favourite books.

 Scarlet Woman. the term used as an insult for decades and yet here we are, brazen, uncompromising, giddy with possibility.

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