Sunday, 25 January 2015

Plus Size Blogger Girl Power On The Hour

This weekend I was invited to a bloggers tea party and photoshoot by the brand Scarlett and Jo
I plan on doing a detailed post on the clothes and designs once the photographs are available but until then wanted to talk about how wonderful it was to spend a day in the company of strong, smart women.
Plus size fashion blogging like any other creative pursuit attracts all kinds of personalities. People’s reasons for blogging are many and varied.
 For some it’s a hobby, for others a full time concern and for lots of us it’s a part time activity that supplements other incomes and offers wonderful opportunities.
When you get invited to blogger events you are thrust into a social situation usually with people you barely know or have met maybe once and by virtue of the fact that you all love clothes and style are meant to have things in common. You would imagine the conversations flow. Sometimes that is the case but often bloggers are shy and not massively comfortable just going up to people and starting conversation. Many bloggers are far more extrovert when they write than in real life, or certainly are not as outgoing unless they feel they are in a safe space with people they know and trust. So whilst every invitation to an exciting blogger event is appreciated you are never quite sure what the vibe will be.
The train selfie-forever the blogger cliche

When I arrived at the beautiful Home house in London for the Scarlet and Jo shoot (with Nicky Rockets in tow who did a fantastic job of the photography all day)  I knew there were a couple of bloggers attending who I consider real friends Elena and Becky 
Elena from the blog Frivolous Mrs D and Becky from Mrs

I kept bumping into these two beautiful creatures at events and am so lucky that they have become my mates in real life too. I was excited to spend some time in their company as we all live so far away from each other that much of our friendship takes place over messages.
Hollie from the blog Pretty Big Butterflies

I had met Hollie, Georgina  and Mayah once, yet again at blogger events and whist I knew they were friendly had never really spoken to them for long.

Nancy fromSugar darling

Nancy I had the chance to spend the whole day with on a simply be photoshoot last year so I knew she was a dollychops and Gloria I had never spoken to before.
With flame haired beauty Georgina from She might be loved

Every single one of these women has amazing style, really good blogs and youtube channels and a strong sense of identity and whilst the suite we were in was awesome it was average size so there was no escaping each other. It could so easily have been awkward or people could have gone off into sub groups but as is so often the way, you put strong women together and they actually lift each other up and it becomes a full on party.
Gloria Shuri Henry from the youtube channel Glowpinkstah

The day flew by, an endless conversation, peppered with jokes, recommendations, stories, advice it was just fantastic.

Mayah from the blog Beautiful Youniverse

There is a lot of lip service paid to the idea of the plus size “blogger community” and when people disagree on things or decide to take other paths it’s easy to feel that actually it’s a divided movement connected only by the fact we all write about clothes on the internet. What this day did for me was reaffirm that plus size bloggers from all walks of life tend to share one value and that is they will not accept that because of their shape or size they deserve less. They believe it for themselves and passionately want to spread the word. And when women with convictions like that get together the end result is magic.

what superfine ladies Elena and Hollie are

After a day of modelling, cupcakes and applying lots of make up we all went to Wagamamas for some food with the Scarlett and Jo team and I left that dinner feeling on top of the world.
Inspired to have connected with some truly sassy cool women who I very much hope to spend time with again.

Viva le Plus size bloggers! I have included links to all these fine ladies blogs and youtube channels on their names so if you don't follow them already hop on over and show them some love. Tell them Betty sent you.

All the clothes worn by these blogging beauties are from a soon to be released collection by Scarlet and Jo (with a few available already) 

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