Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sheego Patchwork Coat from Curvissa Review

Im quite bored of plain coloured coats at the moment. I'm going through the technipause, like the menopause except instead of hot flushes I am being overtaken by a strong desire to wear outlandish bold colours and designs.
Increasingly I feel the need to embellish my coats with fur stoles and scarfs, flowers and twinkly buttons.So this Sheego patchwork coat  £120 from Curvissa is right up my street.

This coat is risky but it so paid off
When you are buying  a coat like this it is always a risk. With its bright coloured buttons and patch work design I was a bit worried it would look a little bit Joseph Technicolour dream coat but actually once it arrived I absolutely loved it.

This is such a great shape
How the coat looks on the Curvisaa website
Its made of  a thick scuba type fabric with printed panels and a tweed patch. The collar either buttons up neatly or you can follow my lead and wear it up in a jaunty fashion.The buttons ate black, red and green  and it contains hidden pockets-bravo!

Mister Truffles-the perfect accessory
The shape is lovely. Semi fitted and well constructed so it has the lovely stiffness that makes it look really beautifully made.
Be warned the sizing on this garish beauty is on the slightly snug size so if you are in between sizes or have big bangers my advice would be to size up.

Patricia Field the designer from Sex and the city who I love once said the following:
The inspiring Ms Field

Getting dressed in the morning is a storytelling of who you are and what you're doing that day—put yourself on a stage. That stage can be the office that day. Once you have the idea, it's just connect-the-dots."

I adore this idea. So here I am telling my story through my beautiful new coat. Its a page turner that's for sure!
Telling my story through the medium of embellished cloth
This was a Curvisasa Blogger challenge-hop on over and take a look at the fabntabulous looks these blogger babes have created with their choices of coat.

*I never lie to you dear readers-this coat was gifted for review, the opinions though are all my own*

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