Sunday, 11 January 2015

Betty Pamper's Birthday Curves

Earlier this week it was my birthday. Whilst I love being a Capricorn having a January birthday can slightly suck. Everyone's a bit skint and sick of going out and it also falls on the first week back in work for a lot of people so enthusiasm is hard to come by. 
Luckily my husband and daughter are experts in compensating for all of these small negatives and always plan really good stuff and this year was no different.
I was treated to a lovely breakfast of pain  Au chocolates and a birthday cake made of carrot cake (my favourite) candles were lit and banners up-they really are the best.

Birthday goodies ahoy

I also received some fabulous gifts, the amazing Vivienne Westwood bag that's in these pictures from my daughter (I think Nicky Rockets may have helped her with this purchase, just guessing) a Doctor Who teapot  and a leopard print rucksack for me to carry my laptop to work in. My friends and family also really treated me with wine, flowers, cushions with cats on and a huge box of soap and glory products,Stevie Nicks CDs and one of my favourites an over the bath tidy that is made so you can perch a book, candle and glass of wine on it while you soak.So many thoughtful things. I felt very loved. 

Birthday babe

I couldn't wear any ordinary dress to celebrate such a great day so decided to wear this Red Triangle cut out dress £90 by The Curve.
 I have seen this dress reviewed by Nancy at Sugar Darling? and Georgina at She Might be Loved and thought it looked gorgeous on both of them so was excited when it arrived (in a rather fabulous black box with tissue paper, these small details really make all the difference)

what's red and black and curvy all over?

The colour of this frock is just adorable. A bright zingy red which made me feel very glamorous indeed. I absolutely love the cheeky peek of decolletage the cut out section offers and the capped sleves. The design of this dress has the sleeves and upper chest as a seperate section to the rest of the dress which I really liked although Nicky Rockets thought was slightly Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek.
Now the sizing at The Curve comes up small and the brand very wisely advised me to size up. Im between a size 18/20 and here  I'm wearing the size 22 which actually fitted pretty well. I gather from some of the other reviews this is the case for much of the collection so bear it in mind when ordering.

Showing off my curves (and the outline of my tights) in a dress by The Curve

The dress is made in a thick scuba type fabric which felt really nice on. There is no denying this frock is very unforgiving so if you are self conscious about showing the outline of your tummy this might not be for you. I don't mind and felt quite lovely in it although looking at these pictures I think next time I wear it I would wear some smoothing underwear as you can see the line of my tights-the shame ha ha.
Rather than wear bright red lipstick I decided to wear some"sexy mother pucker" lip lacquer in the shade "charm offensive by soap and glory. A present from my mama. Its lovely especially with a smoky eyeshadow.

Sexy Mother Pucker

I celebrated the rest of my day by visiting the amazing Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate gallery in Liverpool. It was just brilliantly kitsch and uplifting. The footage of Nico from the Velvet underground took my breath away-she was so beautiful.Quite something to see the Monroe screen print in real life. So vibrant.

Warhol Agogo
Nicky Rockets hanging with Marilyn

The celebrations continued once we had collected Baba from school. We watched Paddington at the movies (which is just brilliant)  and then feasted on Cucumber maki and vegetable rolls at Yo Sushi.
Baba waiting impatiently for her cucumber Maki to arrive

A brilliant day and a wonderful birthday.Thankyou for all your birthday wishes, I had a ball.
*I never lie to you dear readers-this item was gifted for review. the opinions however are my own.

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