Thursday, 15 January 2015

All Around Black Ink Darkness: Velvet Dress from Pink Clove

How is your January shaping up? After a strange start which I am blaming totally on all the crazy planetary activity this month I feel I have found my groove so to speak.
I spent last weekend writing in my journal, plotting out vision lists and generally just giving my hopes and dreams some much needed TLC. Its made me feel really focused and powerful.
I am also back into the swing of the 5am club (which I will be writing a separate post about) sitting at my desk at the crack of dawn while most of the world sleeps has filled me with a ridiculous amount of energy. I am writing more, feeling more creatively inspired and shedding my need to constantly moan "I am so busy"

The pet sound to this week has been the Stevie Nicks track "Sorcerer". Its a really dark track hidden in an upbeat jangly pop song, my favourite kind of tune-sweet but with a bitter undertone.
 So it feels fitting that today I am wearing black velvet.Always a favourite of the Fleetwood Mac warbler.
Black Velvet Vixen
This Emmie Empire line velvet dress £22 by Pinkclove is just delicious.
The shape is beautiful, the sizing is spot on (which I always find with Pinkclove) and its the perfect luxurious starting point for accessories.
The Emmie dress as it looks on the website

As its threatening snow her I have worn a faux fur stole from Primark which gives it a touch of decadence and is very tactile (I am very strokeable in this outfit)
I am all about mixing different textures at the moment

My Sleeping catbag £18  is from Asos and my nude Mary Janes are also a recent Primark buy-they were £6 in the sale and I adore them.

Lady from the mountain

I have decided that gorgeous tactile fabrics will be forming much of my wardrobe this year and this is a great example of feeling glamorous but also being comfortable enough to walk the pug.
I will leave you with this Stevie Nicks song. Hit repeat baby!

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