Friday, 12 December 2014

Visions and shadows of people and ideas: Victorian Rose Coat and Faux Fur Stole Outfit

Every few months I develop a new obsession.I have always been like this. As long as I can remember I have been filling note books with lists of what my favourite books,films, music and clothes are at that given time.These passions always inspire what I wear.
Whilst I'm in the grip of a fascination I create pinterest boards, rips out pictures to stick on my wall and spend hours seeking out things to feed my desire. Listening to old podcasts, watching youtube clips, hunting down clothes and reworking things that are already in my wardrobe.

Revisiting past season looks to recreate my obsessions
Right now I am hugely inspired by  two slightly overlapping looks. 
The early 1900's arts and crafts movement which was all embroidered tapestry and  medieval inspired velvet dresses chosen to make the wearer look pre raphaelite and the early 1920's winter flapper look. Fur stoles,ropes of Pearls and panthers with diamond chokers on.

I just love the relaxed cut of this dress contrasting with the heavy silk fabric-it gives me goosebumps

I found this picture of some prostitutes in Berlin in the early 1020's and realised immediately that i wanted to look exactly like that.

Look how the wind catches the fur trimmed coat-wonderful
I also can't stop looking at this embroidered coat which is exhibited at the V and A museum.
Just listen to this decription "This Paris couture coat features a medieval-style collar and is entirely covered in dramatic sprays of an English wildflower called 'Sweet Cicely' hand-embroidered in yellow and green silk, with petals of white felt." imagine how wonderful you would feel in this. Like a goddess from another planet.

Embroidered velvet coat  1910 V and A Museum
Its amazing how contemporary these designs looks. The coat on this fabulously kitsch book would be a perfect dog walking coat for me too.

It was with these ideas buzzing in my mind that i dug out a coat I received from Taking Shape last season.
 I  fell in love with the Victorian Rose coat £83.30 as soon as I clapped eyes on it. The rich opulent design, the velvet feel of the fabric and the odd asymmetrical cut all made for a rather lovely item but I hadn't given it much wear.Despite being absolutely beautiful it never sprang out at me when I grabbed a coat in the morning..
How the coat looks on the website

It was only when I put it with my faux fur stole from Simply be that it truly came alive and now I now can't get enough of it. Its quite lightweight so not ideal for this Baltic weather but so dreamy and rich looking who cares about keeping a good body temperature.

This months obsession
 I have scribbled down this quote in my latest journal which sums up my thoughts on gaining fashion inspiration perfectly:
"Visions and shadows of people and ideas can be arranged and rearranged like stained-glass pieces in a window, or chessmen on a board.” 
― A.S. ByattThe Children's Book

So this is my latest stained glass window. A riot of print, colour and texture. To the naked eye its just a coat and a fur scarf but in my mind its a celebration of beautiful things from the past made new on me.

*I never lie to you dear readers this items was gifted for review*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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