Friday, 26 December 2014

The Curve At Christmas

Before I begin this outfit post let me wish you all a happy holiday. I hope it was everything you have hoped for.Mine was wonderful.
I wore this outfit to celebrate Christmas Eve, I have been awash in sequins and glitter for the past few weeks (with more to come as I head towards new year) so decided to wear something slightly more stylish and fashion forward as a nice contrast.
 I always spend Christmas Eve afternoon at my best friend Lilly's house, enjoying food, mulled wine and watching the kids become increasingly hysterical in the countdown to Santa's arrival.
I was approached by new plus size brand The Curve a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in reviewing  a few items from their collection and as soon as I had a look I loved the designs.
The Curve-Fierce fashion indeed

The Curves collection is small but perfectly formed.It looks quite edgy and luxe and unlike a lot of other plus size brands it doesn't scream "elasticated waistband" or "stretchy fabrics" its an uncompromising bitch of a collection, black leather, fitted dresses with cut out detailing, crop tops and shorty shorts.I adore it.
We plus size fashion bloggers spend a lot of time begging retailers to simply reproduce editorial magazine inspired looks in bigger sizes and that dear readers is exactly what The Curve do.
The Kim Pencil skirt

Today I'm wearing the Kim Pencil Skirt £49 which as the name suggests is a homage to Kimmy K and her internet breaking booty. 

How the skirt looks on the website

How it looks on me

Its a fab shape with a faux leather middle section and fabric side panels which I actually prefer over a full leather style skirt. The fact that its a combination of fabrics and finishes makes it look and feel really stylish.

Low key rock chick chic
The sizing on this is spot on. The Curve offer sizes 14-26 at the moment but it looks like this skirt only goes up to a size 22.
A brief reprieve from glitter and sequins
The finish on this skirt is lovely. It has a gold zip at the back and is stretchy yet also heavy weight fabric  so perfect if you carry weight around your middle. 

Got ma faux fur on
I've teamed it with a plain black cami top and cardigan and a faux fur stole from Primark. The contrast of leather and fur is so luxurious. One part rock chick to two parts duchess of West Kirby-perfection.

*I never lie to you dear readers I was gifted this skirt-the opinions however are my own*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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