Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Perfection is dull-lets celebrate not always getting it right
A few weeks ago I was approached by Simply be to be involved in their ongoing campaign #SimplyBeReal
It’s a bit of fun to remind us all that fashion doesn't always to go as planned,and its fine not to be perfect.
I really like this sentiment. I am as susceptible as the next person to the constant pressure to feel that unless I'm not looking amazing, eating instagram worthy food next to a vase of peonies I'm not winning at life. Its always heartening to hear that other people suffer the same kind of egg down the front of their new jumper mishaps as I do.
A few bloggers have already taken part and each have had their story illustrated by a different artist.Check out the hashtag #Simplybereal to see them all.
When the Simply Be team asked me about a recent fashion mishap I knew immediately which one I should tell them about.
It's a new lipstick shade. I'm calling it "undead chic"
Illustration by Estelle Morris

People often assume that fashion bloggers lead perfect candy coloured lives,endlessly slurping fizz at press events and swanning around in this seasons latest finery, and some of that is true. Unfortunately when it comes to the perfection stakes I have never quite mastered the ability to be  instagram perfect all the time. 
The reason for this is because I am ridiculously clumsy and also quite short sighted which leads to many a comedy moment. 
A good example of this was recently I was about to take my pug Mister Truffles out for a walk, it was dark in my hall and I only had one hand as I had the dog on his lead in the other. 
I rummaged around my handbag for my lipstick and as I have years of practise applying lippy didn't use  a mirror and instead just liberally wiped on some of my fave bright pink colour.
I walked the dog through the park, stopping to chat to people along the way feeling impossibly glamorous in my leopard print coat with my cute pug.
I stopped at my favourite cafe for a chai latte sitting outside smiling at passer bys, I even nipped to the green grocers to buy a bunch of flowers.
Striding home, flowers under my arm, Mister Truffles trotting beside me I felt like something from a french film.
Tres Chic
When I got home my husband Nicky Rockets was back from work and the first thing he said was "ooh that's an exciting lipstick" confused I checked myself in the mirror and rather than apply pink lipstick to my mouth I had used a concealer stick so had white lips which were cracking and looked totally bizarre. What made me laugh the most was that no one had batted an eyelid and obviously thought I was either trying out  a new trend or was completely bonkers (or both and its a fair cop)

Nothing in life is ever perfect so embrace the imperfections-except Pugs, pugs are perfection personified
Too often we make ourselves miserable trying to uphold unrealistic standards of perfection in our lives. Lets all vow that from today we all give ourselves a break and embrace our beautiful imperfections (although I will be checking what make up I'm using next time I get ready in the dark)
Thank you Simply be for involving me in this and of course huge thanks to Estelle Morris for making my mishap come to life. 


Mister Truffles is loving his likeness-doesn't he look handsome!

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