Saturday, 20 December 2014

Pretty Relaxed Outfit: Tulle Skirt from H and M Review

At this time of year there are lots of fashion blogs featuring either party wear or cute snugly jumpers. There isn't very much though about putting together outfits which are pretty enough to signal that an event is taking place (a  dinner party, drinks with friends) but don't feel too overdressed for what is essentially eating M and S party food in your own kitchen.

An outfit that's perfect for home entertaining
This outfit for me is so perfect for at home entertaining.Its fancy but also slouchy. Sparkly but also slightly faded.
Its no surprise this skirt has been  a bloggers favourite

I spied this Tulle skirt £19.99 at H and M a few weeks ago and decided it was perfect for this time of year. Since then it has become an instant classic among my other plus size blogger babes and I have seen it featured at least once a day on my facebook feed. Usually everyone having an item instantly turns me off it but I just haven't seen a bad photo of this skirt. It looks amazing on everyone and I am not going to argue with the numbers.

As you can see its a pale shell pink, with layers of tulle and a ballerina style waistband.It makes me want to swirl around to a Stevie Nicks track, its that good.
I have sprouted antlers-a festive photo bomb-awesome

I've worn it with a sequined sweater from Matalan (last season) and my new silver glitter pimps from primark. Despite looking very floaty and ethereal this is actually a wonderfully comfortable outfit and it survived a very busy Christmas crafts party for my daughter. 
Stop eating my skirt Mister Truffles

It may not survive the fact that Mister truffles the pug loves chewing on the hem-naughty pug!

*I never lie to you dear readers I was gifted this frock-the opinions however are my own*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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