Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve Baby! Teal Lace Yoke Skater Dress from Yours Clothing Review

Planning what to wear for New Years Eve is one of my favourite parts of the holiday season. Sure I enjoy the sequins and glitter that become a wardrobe staple in the lead up to Christmas but choosing what to wear to bring in the New Year always feels slightly more important. 
My outfit is a statement to how I want to feel in the coming twelve months. A resolution if you like but in fashion form.
The delicious Tess Munster

As soon as I saw this Teal Lace yoke skater dress  £36 from Yours Clothing on Tess Munster I knew it had to be mine. I like to think that myself and Ms Munster share similar tastes (retro, girly but with an alternative edge) and the prom dress shape is always a favourite of mine.

My homage to Tess Munster

This dress is just as good in the flesh as it is on the pictures.The lace waistband creates a lovely bit of interest and breaks up the block colour perfectly. I am so in love with the teal shade of this frock, I even matched my eyeshadow to it in a 1980's stylee.


This frock is all about the details. It looks quite simple but the mesh detailing on the decolletage and the beaded heart shaped neckline look so pretty.It's a showstopper without being gaudy.

Twirling into 2015

There is also definitely something of the little girl party frock about this outfit. The hems of the layered skirt and undernetting are  wired so they stick out, meaning you just can't help to twirl.I have accessorised with some glitter pumps from Primark, my Simply be jewel box clutch and topped it all off with my Crown and Glory Liberace ears.

Happy New Year!

However you plan to spend New Years Eve whether its curling up in your PJs or tripping the light fantastic have a great one. Thankyou so much for continuing to support my blog. Your comments and emails mean so much to me.
See you on the flipside.

*I never lie to you dear readers I was gifted this dress-the opinions however are my own*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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