Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Betty Pamper's Year In Clothes: Hear Me Howl

Its that time of year. We look back, reflect and plan for the new year ahead. Nothing brings back memories for me faster than outfits. certain clothes take me straight back to the time and place I wore them faster than a speeding bullet. So here are my favourite outfits of 2014.

January-Sexy Fat Robot
Brand Yours Clothing

Full outfit post here

February-Jackson Pollock Inspired Bright's
Brand-Taking Shape
Big Tights Company

Full outfit post here

March-Memoirs Of A Fat Geisha
Brand Simply Be

April-Comic Timing
Brand Nicky Rockets

Full outfit post here

May-Vive Le Fatty
Brand Primark

Full outfit post here

June-Theremin Fantasy
Brand Taking Shape
Link to full outfit post here

July-Lindy Bop Betty
Brand Lindy Bop
Full outfit post here

August-Kiss My Big Fat Lips
Full outfit post here

September-Something Wicked This Way Comes
Brand-Little Wickeds Emporium

Full outfit post here

October-Dark Glamour For Halloween
Brand-Yours Clothing
Full outfit post here

November-All The Leaves Are Brown
Brand-Scarlett And Jo

Full outfit post here

December-Trying To Change The World One Sequin At A Time
Brand-Simply Be
Full outfit post here

I continue to write this blog not just because I love fashion and all it's trappings but because I think its vital that we flood the Internet and magazines with images of Women of all different shapes, ages and sizes. 
Women refusing to conform to the perceived ideal of beauty.
We are the ignored, shamed and ridiculed who refuse to go away. 
We will not hide in smocks, or be grateful for patronising advice about dressing to "flatter" 
We are the proud to be who we are, we don't need society to tell us we are beautiful to feel that way, for we have found strength in the very thing that marks us out as different. 
I don't need to be told I have a "pretty face" or that I'm "acceptably fat" fuck that. 
A wolf doesn't waste time thinking on the opinion of sheep and I and my fellow plus size clan are wolves. 
Majestic, strong and powerful.Here is to another year of fierce fat fashion.
Hear Me Howl

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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  1. AWESOME! I love your style and I couldn't agree more about putting more images of plus size women out into the world - it's amazing how much it changes your self-image when you surround yourself with positive role models. I did my own round up of 2014 - but this was of clothes I made myself!



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  2. You look amazing in all your pictures! I was planning on doing my year in dresses on my blog, but you beat me too it :) Such great outfit choices, a great blog x

  3. All these looks are amazing, but I think August and December are my favourites. Happy New Year! x

  4. Fab outfits. Fab home & garden. Just fab.

  5. You look so phenomenal in all of these! I love the Geisha look so much. Hope next year probes to be so beautiful too!

    C xx

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