Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hey Ho Pago! Lace Print Dipped Hem Tunic from Pagopago

I confess when plus size brand pagopago approached me to review a few items from their winter line I hadn't heard of them (although I love the name) I assumed it was a new label  but the business which is is a family run one  has been creating textile products in Leicestershire for over forty years. Its sizes run to a 30.
Pagopagos collection is a small one and at first glance not particularly fashion forward concentrating instead on really well made basics, however they did have  a few items which tickled my pickle and this is the first one.
This lace print dipped hem tunic £39 is actually sold as a top but as I'm quite short I am wearing it as sixties inspired frock.
I absolutely love the print on it and the shape. I feel like I should be belting out a Lulu song on Ready Steady Go.
How the tunic looks on the website

 The sizing  of this dress is true with lots of stretch.Perfect if you plan to spend the next few weeks eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine at every opportunity (which I do)
Big up Blight-Uk made for this UK fatty
If knowing the providence of your clothes is important its worth checking out Pagopago. They are involved in all stages, from yarn to finished garment so you can be sure your pretty threads don't come from ugly exploitation.
Fabulous tights from the Big Tights company

And sticking with fabulous small business I have teamed my frock/top hybrid with  a pair of all woman cotton tights £19.95 by the Big tights company. 
These are a genius idea. They are normal tights with an extra big 
bum/tummy.waist bit. Perfect if like me you carry all your weight around your middle and find tights tend to fall down. 
Tights which are designed with plus size gals in mind-jaunty product shot  courtesy of the Big tights company

A word of caution though these are true to size if not a bit on the big size so don't size up. I have reviewed tights from this company before and I just love that they have actually created pattern blocks based on plus size women so their tights are  a perfect fit.The quality is amazing too so with careful washing they will last a good season.
I'm flying the flag for two smaller brands today and feeling rather fine as I'm doing it.

Limited Edition "The Curvy Time Traveller Tee Shirts Now On Sale

My brand new "The Curvy Time Traveller"  tee Shirts cost £15 and are available to buy from here in sizes S-5XL having curves never looked so good!

And as if that isn't exciting enough we are releasing a brand new "Do you want curves with that" cardigan. Its a teeny tiny limited run  just to see if there is demand so check them out

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