Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Cherry Bomb: Adeline Dress from Voodoo Vixen Review

Its cold, its windy, its the weather for wearing ugly parkas and ugg boots.
Not on my watch dahlinks. Today I'm wearing my Adeline dress  £63.99 from Voodoo Vixen  because when life gives you lemons (or hair wreaking weather) make cherry covered lemonade.
I refuse to let the climate dictate my wardrobe like some  elemental version of Anna Wintour-screw you storms with hail, I will not be defeated.

Just how nice is this print
 Weather rant over lets get back to the dress.The print on this colorful little number  is absolutely adorable. Its like the fabric antidote to soggy umbrellas dripping in hallways. Cherries with pink blossoms, turquoise stems and green leaves against a black background.Its a masterclass in vulgar and busy. Naturally I feel splendid in it.
Fancy pants? yes but very wearable too
This is a dress which despite looking quite fancy pants is actually really comfortable. I don't quite understand the Voodoo vixen sizing but this is a 3XL and I'm usually a 18/20 frock-hope that helps. 
Its on the loose side which means no nipping under the arms and its semi fitted-perfect. All this is giving me a good shape without cutting off my circulation.I have a lot of big thoughts, I need my blood pumping to my brain.

How the dress looks on the website

I'm not usually a fan of this bolero type style but because its actually created with piping it sits flat and  avoids the bulkiness I have found with similar dresses. Bravo.
The heart shaped neckline is perfect too.Its shows enough decolletage that I don't feel frumpy but doesn't veer into buxom wench territory  (don't misunderstand me I often favour the buxom wench look but not on this occasion, I save it for more appropriate settings such as Tesco's or the church fair)
I see you winter but I am choosing to ignore you-you chilly beast

This frock is actually a tad long for me which for most of my readers will be  a joy to hear.One constant comment I hear is "why can't plus size brands make dresses longer" well you are in luck. At five foot three this is only one step away from ankle skimmer-I'm a strange hybrid of Doris Day and little house on the prairie-Now where did I leave my bonnet? oh Mister Truffles is wearing it of course.
The lengths I go to
At a smidge under £65 this isnt the cheapest dress in this style you will find but its well made with some fab detailing, piping around the neckline and sleeves, buttons on the bias and the zip is hidden and sits flat.
I wore this to work today which some people may think is a bit much but I long ago decided that everyday deserved a beautiful frock. 
If you treat all the time as a special occasion, good stuff tends to happen. So burn that expensive candle, splash on the good perfume and waft around in an impossibly loud dress even though its  a wet Wednesday.

Cherry Bomb
My repro dress is completed by a red flower in my hair and my speedy cherry LV bag.Splashing colour around like a pigment anarchist. I like to think I'm a vivid blot on the grey landscape.

*I never lie to you dear readers this items was gifted for review*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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