Saturday, 13 December 2014

(Bat For) Moodstruct 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique

Look created using Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Anyone who knows me will testify that big lashes is my thing. I probably wear false eyelashes six days out of seven and for that one day of rest will use any mascara product which offers to thicken and lengthen. 
As a qualified make up artist applying false eyelashes takes me a matter of seconds but I know that over the years readers and clients have told me how they struggle to apply them and often give up. Frustrated that they can't achieve the false lash look without going to a salon.
So when Sally Turk from Younique offered to send me her new product Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes £23 to trial I was definitely intrigued. 
This two step fiber building mascara promises to give you false eyelash thickness and length without using glue or worrying that your lash will end up on your cheek halfway through the night.
When the product arrived I was very impressed by its packaging. Its in what looks to be a black sunglasses case. Its very sleek, very professional looking and as its that time of year would make an ideal Christmas gift.

Inside the case there are two products. A transplanting gel and and the 3d Fiber wand. 

Step One
The instructions were pretty simple. First things first I removed my existing mascara and false eyelashes-I feel really naked.

No mascara, No falsies-Bald. Also please ignore my post dog walking in the rain fringe

I then applied the transplanting gel. This was just like a slightly wetter mascara The instructions said to apply the 3D fiber product before the transplanting gel dried so you have to be quite quick. 
In subsequent applications I did the two steps on each eye one after the other.

First coat of gel
Step Two
I then used the 3D fiber product which looks a bit like a mascara wand which has been dropped on  carpet. 
As your lashes are wet with the transplanting gel you gently stroke the fibers onto them and they instantly look longer. I did this very carefully as some of the product pictures I had seen looked clumpy and I wanted to avoid this. 
You can create a daytime look but I wanted my lashes to look really va va voom. To this end once my first application had dried I did dab on a bit more transplanting gel and built the lashes up further. This isn't how you are told to do it but it worked for me.
The Two step wands
The Result
I thought this product really works. Its offers a fullness and length that's quite difficult to achieve with normal mascara alone and to the naked eye I did look to have false lashes on.
You do need to try this a few times to work how how much to apply but it only takes as long as applying a few coat of normal mascara. 
As Ive mentioned I did essentially apply two coats of fibers as I like quite drag queen inspired lashes. 
I had been worried as I'm a contact lens wearer that the fibers would irritate my eyes but I didn't find this was the case at all.
My top tip would be to use this products before you do your foundation though as I did find some of the fibers fell onto my face as I used it and I had to remove them with a clean make up brush.I also used an eyelash comb to slightly separate the lashes after the first coat.
For the price point if you are someone who really struggles with applying false lashes these are great.


The finished look
Overall this is a great product and I will definitely be using it on my one day a week where I forgo the lash glue and falsies. you can purchase this product here

*I never lie to you dear readers this item was gifted for review. The opinions are my own*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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