Saturday, 6 December 2014

And now, I'm just trying to change the world, one sequin (dress) at a time

I stole the title of this post from Lady Gaga. It seemed apt for this outfit.
Tonight I am going for dinner with some members of my bookclub "The Wild Women" we plan to check out a new restaurant called Mowgli which is apparently quite something and will no doubt consume a lot of gin.
The women at my book club are beautiful clever creatures and so this event calls for an outfit which will match the splendid company.

Books, Fur, Glitter-A fashion representation of the inside of my head
I think this ensemble is just the ticket. 
This season I am all about textures. I want my clothes to feel as good as they look. To this end Soft draping chiffon with sequins has become a bit of  a motif of winter 2014 as has the fur stole (fake naturally dahlinks, like my lashes and hair its all out a box)

Nancy Mitford
Venus in furs -Marianne

I realised a few months ago that there didn't appear to be an outfit in my wardrobe that wouldn't be enhanced by a fur stole. Wearing one instantly lifts the everyday into the luxurious. 
My fashion cues are the Mitfords, Marrianne Faithful and this beautiful shot of Maggie Gyllenhaal which I can't top looking at.

How dreamy is this photo

Pale pink seems almost anarchic in the season of dark reds, forest green and black velevet which has made me love this outfit even more.
I am slowly getting into the groove of my new work life balance.Driving three days a week has opened up a great space for me to think and listen to music I had all but forgotten.This week I am all about Roxy Music-Bryan Ferry's warble is everything and I have also started getting up at 5am to write and plan. Sitting at my desk as the sun rises sleepily listening to the pug and my child snoring is strangely life affirming.
Suculent Wild Woman

One of the books we dipped into last summer with my bookclub was Suculent Wild Women by Sark. Its a beautiful quick read so we only looked at for one gathering but it contained a quote that I loved so much I scribbled it in my diary
“Remember to delight yourself first, then others can be truly delighted."
Such good advice and perfect for my mood this evening. I feel fabulous in this outfit and am ready for adventures in curry and conversation.
Changing the world on sequin at a time indeed.

Toodle pip you beautiful creatures.

Outfit details
Sequin Prom Dress £60 Simply Be
Faux Fur Stole £20 Simply Be
Jewel Clutch Bag £38 Simply Be

*I never lie to you dear readers these items were gifted*

Photos by Nicky Rockets

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