Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Curvy Time Traveller by Nicky Rockets

As a massive Doctor Who fan its always interesting every few years when they pick a new actor to play the Time Lord.
Debates become heated, should this Doctor be black? A woman? gay? Will the orphan of Gallifrey always be a white man?
Well so far the answer to that appears to be yes but the idea of a new time traveller fired up mine and Nicky Rockets imagination. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a female time traveller? Even better what if she was fat, feisty with oodles of attitude and unruly hair?

The new design

We may be waiting a long time for this to happen in the BBC series but in Curverella world this is already reality. Let me introduce you to our brand new teeshirt design “The Curvy Time Traveller”
Hopping between time zones like a sassy intergalactic warrior Curverella is one day taking tea with the Pankhursts, then dropping in on Cleopatra for eyeliner tips before going for a swift half with Anais Nin.

Its behind you

Sure she has seen all the amazing moments’ recorded about men by men but she is just as interested in checking out those shadowy historical women who were making waves all on their own.
If you look closely at historical works you will see her, reclining on a chaise as painted by Ruben, carved in stone (venus figurine anyone?), and Betty Boop? Well lets just say Curverella was going through her flapper stage when that cartoon was first animated.
Some things are bigger on the outside too

Her faithful assistant is always a pug (who do you think introduced them to Royalty, it was Curverella during one of her flings with a prince) and whilst she always uses her ability to time travel to do good, she is not above going back in time to pick up a discontinued lipstick shade either.
To say we have had fun with this idea has been an understatement. Spending a day at a local Doctor Who exhibition taking photographs with Weeping Angels and Darleks was without doubt one of my favourite days at work ever. I hope you love this design as much as I do.
Weeping Angel Attack

We are offering it as a regular teeshirt, slash neck and lady fit in sizes small- 5XL . The perfect stocking filler to the Time traveller in your life or a pre Christmas treat to all you sassy Curverellas out there.You can buy it here and its £15 and you get a free sonic screwdriver toy with our compliments.

Feeling Supersonic

Remember the rules, no changing history, and try not to meet yourself, I'm sick of having to do repairs in the fabric of time!

 And as if that isn't exciting enough we are releasing a brand new "Do you want curves with that" cardigan. Its a teeny tiny limited run  just to see if there is demand so check them out

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