Sunday, 9 November 2014

Off The Grid Jacket by Simply Be Review

A few months ago I was lucky enough to meet the Look magazine team as they unveiled their second collection for Simply Be. It was a fabulous event and I tried on various pieces from the collection and loved everything.You can read about it here

Check Mate

I was particularly taken with the grid Jacket  £75 so was chuffed when Simply Be sent it to me. I've since worn it to death but hadn't had  a chance to photograph it but seeing as today I have brushed my hair and drawn my face on I thought I would take the opportunity to show you how lovely it is.


Its a classic duster jacket style so quite long with pockets and a thin lapel. The fabric is a light poly cotton mix so doesn't look too lumpy or heavy and the design with its black and blue check is beautiful.
I feel quite Teddy girl in this and also Dynasty power bitch, what an epic combination.
Teddy Girl Power Bitch

I'm off to watch a firework display tonight so have worn it over a pair of jeggings and a long line top (both last season Yours) and a pair of Melissa ballet flats.
I birthed me a Pug 

Its casual, relaxed but also feels quite stylish. I'm loving it. 
The sizing is quite generous and as I have very small shoulders I have sized down but that's partly because I don't have to do it up so I am just concerned with the fit across the back and shoulders which is spot on.
I've been collared
I've always been a bit wary of wearing loud check jackets, worried there might be  a whiff of 1980s Selena Scott/Russell Harty but this is just a total beaut.
I think the Look magazine collection might be one of my faves this A/W aint it grand when fat fashion is good.

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