Thursday, 6 November 2014

Don't Live Someone Elses Dream

Last week the author Elizabeth Gilbert (she wrote Eat,Pray,Love) wrote a piece on her facebook page that really struck a cord. Its worth reading in its entirety but the headline was "Don't live someone else's dream"
I'm a great believer that when the universe knows you are ready and listening it tells you everything you need to know and this random comment sums up my state of mind perfectly.
I know my blog posts have been fewer recently and I hope you don't think I have gone off the boil. I am still as in love with fashion and art and make up and films as I have ever been and have some lovely blog posts planned but recently I had been feeling a bit burnt out with how competitive blogging has become.
I had stopped seeing this as a glorious hobby and started taking it and myself way too seriously. The time required to stay even slightly ahead of the game was becoming exhausting. When I wasn't interacting on twitter, updating my facebook page, adding images to my tumbler account, pinning my photos to pinterest I felt I wasn't doing my blog justice but these things are all time thieves and recently I have decided I want some of that time back.
So I have to all intents and purposes stopped for a while and do you know what it feels like freedom.
I don't want to be so busy photographing my food I let it go cold, so keyed up about posting new blogs that I leave the solitude of a peaceful holiday to find wifi and I don't want my self esteem to be measured in likes on a facebook photo. 
I love writing and have no plans to stop and I also adore clothes so whenever I feel sassy will take some pictures and share them but I think being a full time blogger is someone elses dream. My life outside of the internet is just too good for me to want to be away from it for the amount of time required to keep up with other established plus size bloggers (who I adore by the way this is all about me not  a thinly veiled pop at anyone else-those girls are all goddesses)
I want to spend time with my child, walk my dog, go for chai lattes with my beautiful friends and just have time to kick back and think.
Since staging my own online intervention I feel so much calmer.I have been journaling and tonight felt relaxed enough to write this but I think for a while at least the 3-4 times a week blog content needs to be rested. I need a recharge.
Life is good
So I'm not going anywhere, I will be back with regular fashion posts and I hope you stick with me but the pace will be slightly slower, the posts weekly rather than daily and the social media interaction more ad hoc. 

I am pursuing my own dreams and it feels wonderful.They include pink journals filled with ideas, geranium scented candles lit for my Goddess altar, walking through crisp brown leaves whilst listening to Richard Hawleys Cole Corners album and drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire stroking the cat.Oh and dressing up as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who which I did on Halloween.
My Halloween Get up

I found a piece of paper inside a book the other day with a quote by Anais Nin which I had obviously copied from somewhere years ago. This was the quote:

"Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country"
Anais knew 

The universe knew what I needed!

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