Monday, 13 October 2014

We Are The Weirdos Mister: Ghost print dress by Asos Curve


October allows me to indulge my not so inner goth. I have a section of my wardrobe and jewelry box that is dedicated to clothes which are perfect for the month of Halloween. This ghost print dress by Asos Curve £25 is my latest addition and I'm loving its Craft teen vibe. I feel I should be sat at the point of a pentagram slurping red wine and pricking my finger with a pin.

We are the weirdos mister
I've seen this dress on a thousand plus size bloggers newsfeeds and still it didnt deter me from buying. Why? because its  a black skater dress with proper Rentaghost stylee spooks on it that's why.I try not to follow the herd but sometimes the herd get it right and Im not surprised this dress is showing up as sold out on the Asos website.


It would have been the easiest thing in the world to pretty this frock up but I wanted to go for a nineties grunge look so put it with thick tights, clumpy boots and a jaunty beret.

Saddle up
Oh dear

Never one to miss an opportunity to use a prop I decided that the only thing missing from this outfit was a broom. Cue hilarious pictures of me straddling one. Not the saucy with pose I hoped for,I leave these in for your entertainment and to keep it real.

My creepy necklace is by Bete Noire and my bat necklace was from ebay.I just kind of adore this dress, its kitsch and silly yet very wearble. It's also a joy for younger children as I found today when I was complimented endlessly on it by my daughters classmates.Im a Gothic Mister Tumble-who knew.

If you havent ever watched the Craft I highly recommend it.Light some candles, turn out the lights and get your teen witch coolness fix.

Must be the season of the witch.

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