Monday, 6 October 2014

How To Make A Plastic Spoon Halloween Wreath

The next time you see someone at a party about to throw away the plastic spoons, take them home and use them to create a spooktastic Halloween Wreath. It’s recycling with a creepy twist.

You will need

100 plastic spoons
Hot glue gun
Cardboard (old packaging is perfect)
Black spray paint
Decorative birds (I used some old Christmas decorations but you can buy these from ebay and craft stores)
Orange paint
Feathers (here I am using a discarded feather boa from the dressing up box)
Safety Goggles
Dust mask

Step One

Wearing your goggles use the pliers to neatly cut the handles off the spoons-discard the handles.

Step Two

Draw a circle approximately 20 inches on your cardboard. I used a piece of string with a pencil tied on one end and pined it to the middle of the card to create a compass but you can simply draw around a large plate. Draw a smaller one inside the circle approx 5 inches in. Cut both these circles out. You are left with your basic wreath shape.

Step Three

Glue your spoons with your glue gun along the edge of your wreath. The idea is to make them look like feathers so alternate the pattern with each row. Try out formations before you glue.

Step Four

Spray your wreath with the black spray paint (do this outside or in a well ventilated room wearing your dust mask)

Step Five

Paint your birds. I chose orange as it’s a classic Halloween colour. In order to spray them evenly I sat them on skewers and stuck them in the ground.Yet again wear your dust mask if you are using spraypaint.

Step Six

Pull feathers out of your boa and stick them along the inside edge of your wreath. This will hide the blunt edges of the spoons and add a little extra luxury to your wreath.

Step Seven

Glue your birds on the wreath and also add a ribbon at the bottom. I made a little sign as well and burnt the edges for added gothic appeal.
Hot glue a string loop to the back of your wreath and it is ready to welcome your trick or treaters.

Please undertake craft projects responsibly and at your own risk. This project reflects my own experience and is not intended to replace expert opinion. If in doubt always consult a professional.
All photos by Nick Beedles
*Project first published in Reloved Magazine

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