Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Brand New Halloween Inspired Curverella Teeshirts have arrived: Oh yeah!

Spooky Curves

I just love everything about halloween. I own halloween frocks, boxes and boxes of decorations and even have playlists on my ipod I've had so many halloween parties over the years. Its in my DNA as my whole family are the same. So I was very, very excited when Mr Pamper aka Nicky Rockets revealed he had designed a halloween themed teeshirt as part of our Curverella range.Yes our very own plus size heroine showing her darker side. He has even written a poem to accompany it. Its brilliant.

Curvy,Sexy, Evil
They only arrived yesterday so they are as new and exciting to me as they will be for you. As soon as they landed myself Nicky, Lilly and Mister Truffles the dog jumped in the car to a great creepy cemetery we know in Liverpool and amused the drunks and dog walkers there by posing against the headstones with giant pumpkins and witches hats.

 we are the weirdos mister
The teeshirts are limited addition and will only be in sale until October the 31st so if you like them, be quick. We are stocking lady fits, round necks and slashed necks in sizes small to 3XL and they are £15 and available here The response has been amazing already.


I've worn my teeshirt with a black tube skirt, purple stripy tights and a witches hat.I'm definitely feeling very Curverella.

Lilly Von Pink-the cutest witch
The man, the myth, the legend Nicky Rockets

Mister Truffles was in his element at the cemetery sniffing at the leaves and hiding behind the graves. I had dressed him in his woolly witches hat so he fitted in beautifully with our Gothic inspired shenanigans.

Mister Truffles-ready for halloween

Nicky Rockets photographing Lilly

Its the sassy eyepatch crew

Would you like Pumpkin with that?
I hope you love them as much as I do and that they kick off October in a fabulous sassy curvy fashion.Visit the Nicky Rockets store here

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