Sunday, 26 October 2014

Loving These Leopard Print Joggers from Pink Clove

I find casual clothing scary. I've always longed to be able to wear a beige juicy couture tracksuit with  shiny streaked haired pulled into a high luxurious ponytail, just a smear of gloss on my lips and a dab of BB cream on my face. Its California cool, clean and laid backed  but quite frankly when I try to do glam casual I always look slightly scruffy. I don't look like I should be in an advert for the White company instead I look as if I've put my coat on over my PJs to get a pint of milk after a night hitting a bong. 
I do over dressed or naked. The middle ground that suits so many other women is a cul de sac of bad decision to me.

This outfit is relaxed enough that I don't feel overdressed picking up dog poo but blingy enough that Im not feeling like an extra on Benefits street

That said there are of course days when I want to relax slightly (although I don't find wearing structured clothes unrelaxing if I'm honest) or when my activities dictate I should really chill the fuck out and not walk the dog in a lavender tea dress.
How the joggers look on the Pink Clove website

Which brings me to today's outfit. I was sent these leopard print Joggers £18 by Pink Clove and was unsure that i could pull off such an item. I only wear jogging pants when I exercise and other than that favour leggings or tights but determined to inject something slightly more "cas" in my wardrobe I've given them a whirl and I'm quite happy with the results.

Trainer, yes I concur but sparkly glitter trainers

I've teamed these leggings of animal print wildness with a black large lapel cardigan I got from Brand Alley earlier this year, its gold flecks mean no one will think I've crawled out of bed and I still feel suitably bling, bling.
My trainers are also sparkly, its sports luxe I guess if that's a thing and no I wont be wearing a visor because that would look horrible.
Fat street dance chic
My daughter was quite taken by this outfit staying I look like a "street dancer" yep Ashley banjo eat your heart out.

Cute black panel detail

The fit on these joggers is very generous so no need to size up, in fact if you prefer them less baggy you might even want to size down. 

Hanging with the Tee Dawg

They are elasticated at the waist and ankle  and have a black panel at the side that adds a nice extra detail. 
If loving leopard print jogging pants is wrong I don't want to be right.

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