Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Domesticity kills Art: Betty Pamper's fear of cleaning

Today's been all about practicality. Shamed by the fact that the cobwebs at Chez Pamper are real rather than fake Halloween ones and that the bathroom looks more like the toilet in trainspotting than a spa I have been donning my rubber gloves and doing a somewhat half hearted stab at housework.
Not housework Anything but that

I really should have been born into money as I resent cleaning in a way that only an entitled little bitch can-where this attitude comes from I have no idea.Its the bane of my life. For some reason I always find myself saying just as I am elbow deep in toilet duck action "I bet Gwen Staffani doesn't have to do this" its not helpful.
Grungy Student Chic

Its unfortunate as I also hate a dirty house so am constantly in a quandary. Do I use any time off my three paying jobs to a) sit on my ass, watch "Sons of anarchy" and eat crisps or b)make out passionately with a bottle of mister muscle? 
Usually netflix and gluttony wins the day but even I have my Waterloo when it comes to grime so here we are.
Just call me Jean the clean

To accommodate my day of less than glam activities I've gone for a nineties grunge/student look of cool tee shirt (my own of course buy it here, Mister Truffles implores you) over a long sleeved top, gingham skirt (made to measure by Little Wicked) and leggings with a pair of pink converse. All I need is Evenflow by Pearl jam playing on the i-pod and I'm back to the nineties.Smoking, drinking and watching Betty Blue constantly. Good times.
As I'm wearing my Halloween top I decided to pretend to be terrified of all things domestic. Does the fear in my eyes look real?
Domesticity kills art

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