Friday, 17 October 2014

A Changing Skyline by Tamsin Coates

A few years ago a very cool women came along to one of my vintage pamper events. Tamsin Coates along with her mates Lisa  and Annie was always keen to come along and be transformed into a 1950’s siren, or Horror hottie and I looked forward to seeing them all a few times  a year when they would book themselves on our public events. They are just cool chicks.
Tamsin camping it up at one of our pamper days 

Unbeknownst to me they are also mums to deaf children and it was only via a bit of a facebook natter that I found this out and that both Tamsin and Lisa run and attend a support group for other mums of deaf children called WDCS.
At the time of learning this we had just started offering our Heroes vs villains package and thought it would be a grand idea to lay one on for these very inspiring women as a treat. I wrote about it here

Our event for the WDCS
At the time Tamzin told me she was writing her second book about her journey as  a mother to two deaf children and that she might include some shots from the day in it. I didn’t really give it much thought until the book arrived at mine.
Its called “A Changing Skyline” and whilst it focuses on Tamsin’s journey as a mother of deaf children now starting “big school” and all the regular anxieties this poses on top of the more complicated ones faced by a deaf child its actually a brilliantly written, funny, moving book about being  a mum.
I don’t have a deaf child and wasn’t sure it would really speak to me but I loved it. Tamsin has the ability to draw you in very gently into her world. Its the book equivalent of having  a cuppa with a really smart cool woman who doesn’t profess to know all the parenting answers but will certainly share her experience and its such an interesting read.

Tamsin with her family-photo by Mark Humphreys
I was going to say that if you have a child who has specific challenges this should definitely be on your Amazon wishlist but its actually just a great read full stop.
It’s a narrative that will resonate with any parent seeing their kid grow and change and being nostalgic, scared and proud all at the same time.

Well done Tamzin you are an inspiration and the books great.
 A Changing Skyline' is available from or on kindle from Amazon 

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