Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Trenzalore Tart: Doctor Who Inspired Outfit

Pink lady
I've been waiting all summer to wear this pink jacket. I picked it up in the Dorothy Perkins closing down sale and even though it was cracking the flags outside I knew that to walk away and leave  a  candy pink boyfriend jacket on the sale rail would be a crime.

It would have been a crime not to snaffle this

Now its just about cool enough (at a pinch) to wear it and how glad am I to give it an outing.

Ive rolled my hair as I think this jacket has a slight teddy girl feel to it
The jacket isn't available anymore but Asos Curve do something very similar here if the need to own one overwhelms you (and I can't blame you)
How the Azul rose dress looks on the website

Underneath my jacket Im wearing the Azul rose mesh  dress £30 from Pinkclove which I chose totally because its the colour of  a Tardis. Yes I am a Doctor Who lover and I want that blue box colour wrapped around my chubby body!
Accessories that match my time travellers wife chic-standard
To celebrate this  nod to my favourite Time lord I'm wearing my Doctor Who necklace and although the dress comes with a thin black patent belt I have swapped it for this pink glossy one which was from ebay and cost about £12.


I don't know what the shift has been but I am feeling so full of my own power at the moment. Confident in my choices and happy in my skin. Walking to the beat of your own drum isn't always the easiest dance but I think I'm finally realising that easy isn't all its cracked up to be.

God next I will be bursting into "I am Woman" oh fuck it, lets all sing together!

*Dress was gifted-everything else was purchase with my own wonga

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