Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nicky Rockets At London Edge And Curvy Cake

Curvy Cake
So this weekend we are taking Nicky Rockets to London Edge the big alternative trade show. We have been totally bowled over by the love and support people have shown our brand so thought we would see if any other stores and on line shops wanted some curvy tees in their collections too.

Our stand at London Edge

Nicky Rockets is agogo at London Edge

Flyers and Look books ready for the public

I will bring you lots of pictures and updates about how it all goes but first of all wanted to say thank you to the mail order cake company Bakerdays
They sent us a fabulous cake through the mail to wish us cake shaped good luck. It was so sweet of them (no pun intended) and really kicked off the event in style.

How cool is this!

Bakerdays is such a great idea for a company. You can have any cake  design of your choice including having your own photo or logo on a cake and the cake is sent in a super cute tin with a card and even has instructions on how to remove your cake without damaging it-bravo.

You got cake mail

And as for the cake, well it tasted delicious. You can choose from a number of types including gluten and dairy free but we are traditionalists at heart and opted for a good old fashioned  sponge. Yes it was yummy, yes we wolfed it down with a few cups of tea over just one day (oink)
Nickys got the tee and the cake

Beats a stack of brown envelops and leaflets
The mailbox cakes are £14.99 and they have some great Halloween ideas so if you are having a party or want to send some cake shaped love someone's way check them out here

Nom nom

As for London Edge we are now set up and the first day kicks off any minute. If you fancy swinging on by we are at stand M238 next to Collectif.

Come and say hello

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