Sunday, 14 September 2014

Earthfest Chic

earth(fest) to fatty

Today I am going to a local event called Earthfest. Its an event that happens a few times a year and is a mini festival with an ecofriendly/vegetarian flavour (quite literally as always has lots of yummy meat free food on sale) so very much up my street. Its almost at the bottom of my road so would be rude not to attend.

Keeping it relaxed

I'm keeping things simple as its a relaxed day spent mostly in a field so I've chucked on a black bodycon dress by Asos Curve £20 over a pair of leggings.

This Asos Curve dress is perfect for wearing underneath  kimonos and long cardigans-especially if they are in bright prints

My kimono £20  is from Pink Clove and I have reviewed it before here but I wear it loads so wanted to remind you all how lovely it is and relatively inexpensive.
The kimono on the Pinkclove website

Keeping with my fairly boho low key look I'm wearing my hair down and straight with my fab new MUA luxe velvet lip lacquer in shade criminal which the lovely Steph from the blog seeing spots sent me as a gift-what a doll she is.My lips thank her.

A lip colour so good its criminal (see what I did there)

My necklace was picked up for a fiver in the last Miss Selfridge sale-I can't see it online but this one is similar.

Ethnic inspired necklace-perfect for a mini festival

At Earthfest I picked up this cool old CND badge which quite rightly states we don't want another Nagaski and also looks like it has a darlek on it-badges for the win.
Badge babe

Sometimes its nice to keep things more low key although as I type this I am laughing at myself as low key still entails full make up, false eyelashes, straightened hair and ensuring my accessories match my nail polish-you know what I mean don't you? Low key for me.

Keeping things low key-in my own way
Earthfest was great fun. We spoke to people who dress as vikings including a very clever lady wearing a bonet fashioned in a viking stylee who showed me all the herbs they used to treat wounds and illnesses. We listened to some great local bands including one which sounded like the Arctic monkeys but seemed to consist of some very cool 14 year old boys.Brilliant.

hanging at the healing space

As it was lunchtime I ate vegetarian Paella cooked in a huge vat,caught up with some of the lovely mums of babas mates who I rarely get a chance to natter with at the 3.30pm scrum and generally enjoyed being part of such a lovely community full of some rather fine people.It may be September but it still feels like summer here.

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