Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground: Textured floral midi dress from Asos Curve

Some clothes glide from season to season-brilliant in their adaptability, refusing to be tied down to rain, sunshine, snow or sleet.Others like today's Texured floral midi dress £48 encapsulate the time of year perfectly.
As soon as I saw this dress at Asos Curve I knew I needed it for my Autumn wardrobe.
Its autumn in frock form

The Aubrey Beardsley inspired smock design, the quilted fabric that's just one remove away from a bedspread and of course the glorious russet colour make this dress a a fabric declaration that its mid September. Time for falling leaves, toasting marshmallows, having bonfires and wearing jaunty scarfs.

Hattie Machattie
I've realised that I don't wear nearly enough hats and that it is time to rectify that. Lucky for me Nicky Rockets has many, many hats so I am spoilt for choice this black wicker pork pie hat (or quorn pie in my case) is just the ticket.

The sizing on this dress is a bit on the snug side across the owd bangers so I had to size up. just a tip if you fancy rust coloured dress perfection too. 

Orphan Annie chic

 With my clumpy boots and ankle socks I am feeling slightly Orphan Annie in this get up and that's absolutely fine. Give me a ginger fro and I'm good to go (ooh that rhymed, I'm a rapper who knew)

I guess the cut of this dress shouldn't work on someone with my body shape but hey would you look at that, it looks amazing. Its almost as if everything we have ever been told about what "suits" fat bodies is a lie.
*Dress gifted-Pug, hat and style all my own*

This week I found I have been nominated in three categories in the Plus size awards. If my blog or social media feeds have entertained, titillated or just made you feel smug you are not as big a loser as me then hit this button.Show mama some voting sugar 

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