Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Brow Wow Wow: HB Brow Treatment

Brow Wow Wow 

I have a bit of a thing about eyebrows. I've always loved women with strong well groomed eyebrows and have spent much of my adult life attempting to perfect mine.
I have private folders on my pinterest board dedicated to both famous peoples brows as well as a few random pictures I have scalped from google of total strangers with great brows. I realise this makes me sound a bit creepy. What can I say. Obsessed.
I have my brows threaded (hurts like a bitch but I love the arch) and tint them myself once a month I also treat myself to  HD brows a few times a year and always love it.
For HD brows I always go to the Gaynor Parry salon in Prenton quite near to where I live. Chloe there knows exactly how I like them. Slightly Dita with more than a hint of Linda power brow and a big nod to early Liz Taylor.

Dita-I adore her brow shape-its retro without looking like a drag queen

Linda-My ultimate brow babe

Liz-Dark and not overly arched
As it was Plus North last weekend and I was modelling for So fabulous and Evans  I took myself off there beforehand and had Chloe do her brow thang.
Now to ensure you get the full before and after wonderment of a HD brow session you really need to let those caterpillars grow free. So as much as it killed me I left mine unplucked or tinted for a good three weeks. I still filled them in (I'm not a savage) but in order to give Chloe something to work with I let them roam untamed. It almost hurt I tell you.

My "Before" brows-I'm smiling but inside I'm weeping

HD brows is basically a combination of tinting, plucking, threading and waxing. Once they are shaped to perfection they fill them in with HD brow powder (which is the only brow powder I use, it throws dust in the face of every other brow shaping product in my humble opinion) My brows although not  a bad shape are quite short and I don't have a natural arch so this combination of approaches is great for me.

The tint is on-Very Mommy Dearest

For those of you with truly scary over plucked badly shaped brows I highly recommend booking yourself in for a few treatments at your local HD brow salon. They will work absolute magic.Forget botox or fillers a decent set of brows will take years off you and nothing makes you look more stylish.

My before and after at the salon
I always feel wonderful when my brows are done and I admit I am a bit evangelical about how much well shaped brows will alter your appearance.

ta-dah! Power brows for the win

If you live on the Wirral and fancy seeing Chloe she is based at the Gaynor Parry  salon in Prenton  0151 6090378 (HD brows are £20 at the moment)  but there are HD Brow bars all over the country so you will be sure to find one.

*I never lie to my readers my brows were complimentary of the salon

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