Monday, 1 September 2014

Bomber Jacket Betty

Bombs over Betty

After a weekend of pretty frocks, high heels and plenty of costume changes at Plus North, I really wanted to kick back and be comfortable today.
Its that time of year when its still too warm for  a coat but chilly enough that you need a jacket and this monochrome bomber jacket £26 by Pink Clove fits the bill perfectly.
This jacket is perfect for casual autumn days
I always associate bomber jackets with 1950's bobby soxers so I've let that inspire this whole outfit.
Hair in a big victory roll and tattoo flash necklace. My bright pink lipstick should probably be red but I'm addicted to MUAs velvet lip lacquer in shade funk so its pink all the way at the moment.

getting lippy

The sizing on this jacket is spot on and the size 20 fits perfectly over my boobs-something I have struggled with with jackets of this type before. 

The sizing on this jacket is true
The fabric is very polyestery (is that a word) which I think you can just about get away with with a bomber jacket and the monochrome print looks slightly faded which I like.

My pin up tee is of course by Nicky Rockets Curverella and the zombies for the win and my jeans are from last season and were by Yours.
These heart print ones are no longer available but they do a similar pair here

Rockabilly Fatty

I've finished off this rockabilly styling with a pair of brothel creepers by Tuks and I'm ready for a day of recovering from a very hectic weekend and getting baba ready for her first day back at school.

I hope Imelda May doesnt mind me copying her hair.

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