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A/W Look Magazine Collection for Simply Be: I meet the fashion editors

Last week I attended a small event hosted by Simply Be at their Oxford street store in London. It was an opportunity to meet the fashion editors from Look magazine and chat to them about the new A/W collection they have designed for the brand.
I had seen some of the collection in the latest Simply Be catalogue and already loved every single piece. Last season I was a bit mixed about the collection, I adored the galaxy print dress which I wore to death but wasn't crazy about all of it.This time around I want to own it all.

The Look Magazine Team

The Look magazine team were as you can imagine all super stylish and looked very cool. All were wearing items from the collection which only went further to highlight just how fabulous each piece is.
The event kicked off with a Q and A session where we were able to ask about the different colour palette, lengths and textures they thought would be big this season. They used pieces from the collection to show how you could incorporate them into your wardrobe.

The signature colours of blue, white  and black which worked so well on the galaxy prints last season are back but this time there is an amazing burnt orange colour too.

The skirt and dress lengths are all mid ankle (which was echoed in so many designs at LFW) and whilst on their own the grid and crackle designs work beautifully, put together they are an absolute knock out.
What I absolutely loved was that all the team talked about was the look. Nothing was said about pieces being "flattering" or good for "curves" it was all about working these really gorgeous clothes into both day and night time looks. It felt like I was attending  a fashion event, not a "plus size" clothing promotion. It was totally refreshing and made me very excited about trying it all on.
Before I launch into the collection here is a quick picture of my outfit on the day. i will do a full outfit post but its so pretty its worth a look. its from the new Bespoke fit range by Simply Be  and its adorable.
Today's outfit-Purple leopard print dress with Peter pan collar, lace leggings and pink sparkly hightops

I started off trying on the Look ribbed jersey top with the Look printed skirt the quality of both these items was lovely, I particularly loved the ribbed fabric of the top which made it feel very luxurious.

The Look Ribbed Jersey Top
The Look Printed Skirt

For cool autumn style it doesnt get any better than this.
Next I tried the layer top print maxi dress having been so unsure about this style I fell in love with it over the summer when I brought the 2 in 1 neon dress by Simply be and this is a similar fit. Its also a great way to do layering which is set to be very on trend this year.

Layer Top Printed Maxi
excuse the bizare startled expression

One of my favourite pieces of the day was this orange shirt dress with tan belt. This is the kind of dress that you always hope to find in vintage stores but its never in your size or it has pit stains. It makes more than a passing nod to the 1970's and has some lovely detailing including a pearl button at the collar and slinky tan belt. I felt like a very sexy Velma from Scooby Doo.

The Orange Skirt Dress
This is actually a size too small so the buttons are gaping but I felt gorgeous in it regardless.

The grid design check coat was a big favourite and quite well deserved. Light weight, with great low pockets and a thin lapel it looked great on everyone who tried it on.

The Grid print jacket-effortless cool

I love how the grid print works against the orange 

I felt wonderful in this outfit

Another firm faveourite was the printed maxi dress It was very goth queen chic. I didn't get to try this on but lovely fellow bloggers Hanna and Bethany did so here they are looking beautiful.I love how they are looking all cool and sultry and I'm in the middle like a big satsuma-standard.

The printed Maxi dress
Fat babes
Speaking of beautiful bloggers it was also a real pleasure to meet American babes Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason  Both of them were very sweet and unsurprisingly looked banging.
With the beautiful Gabi from the blog gave her a "do you want curves with that"Nicky Rockets tee- which she later tweeted me to say she loved-that's my week made.

Nicolette who was just lovely-she got top Betty points for having a teeshirt with Johnny Depp on and being a fellow Pug lover. her pug is beautiful and called Frankie.

 Gabi gave a lovely speech where she said  lots of inspiring things including
  "I don't equate looking thin to looking good' Smart words from an awesome lady.
Gabi Fresh looking awesome and being inspiring
Which brings me neatly to the end of this piece. It was a lovely opportunity to see some beautiful clothes which have been designed to be fashion forward, inspiring and very wearable. Bravo.
Here is a little video about the collection too.

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