Friday, 1 August 2014

Betty Pamper's Weekend Wishlist

Its almost the weekend, its also payday for a lot of people so come with me, lets frolic through the frocks and shimmy past the accessories. Here is what is making me hot under the collar in the world of plus size fashion.

Stars and Stripes leggings Buy Here
I just adore these. I think I would feel like a fat superhero in them and that's exactly what I want.

Striped Dress Daxon £45 Buy Here

I don't know much about the brand Daxon but I do know I need this dress in my life.

Deer shaped Gold necklace £8.53 Buy here

This is both a statement and yet quite delicate at the same time.It looks like a caveman suddenly discovered alchemy and dipped his necklace in gold. Yabadabadoo

Pink Clove Lace Sleeve Sweat shirt £10 Buy here

I'm a sucker for anything which allows my tattoos to peek through so this is right up my street. Only a tenner too. Think certain sizes are running out so be quick if you fancy this.

St Kitts Kaftan £25 Buy here

Yes its from the Gemma Collins collection, yes its a pink leopard print kaftan but I'm sorry. the heart wants what the heart wants.

Animal Print Shirt Dress £35 Buy here

Staying with all things animal print how fab is this frock by Asos Curve.Love the flashes of lime green.

Molly T-Bar Shoe £18.50 Buy here

Seeing as grunge styling is making a comeback I can now revisit the Mary Jane shoe and when they are in pink patent-forget about it.

Black and white tile dress Dorothy Perkins £25 Buy here

I really love the print on this dress and the very wearable cut. Elasticated at the waist for a bit of shape with those lovely capped sleeves. Summer style at its best. Affordable too.

Nike Air Pegasus Trainer £62 Buy Here

My current pair of trainers are absolutely knackered so I'm in the market for new ones. I think these would make my zumba class easier (well maybe)

Pink Printed Maxi Dress Debenhams £60 Buy Here

The print of this Maxi dress is one part tie dye to two parts psychiatrist  ink blot patterns (which always look like butterflies or vaginas to me-chew on that Freud) at £60 this is pricey but very, very pretty.

Blocked Print Dress £27 Buy Here
This dress is the perfect summer-Autumn wardrobe addition. Cool enough to serve you well during hot days but chuck on a cardigan and it will earn its keep as the seasons change.

And here is my latest video-if you would like to see more of these subscribe to my Youtube channel

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