Friday, 8 August 2014

There's a troll in the dungeon and it doesnt like my plus size playsuit

It seems I turn my back for five minutes and all hell breaks loose.
There I was enjoying the splendours of the welsh countryside and knowing that I was distracted with beautiful walks, sandy ice creams and long swims the trolls came out to play.

As is often the case it was the sight of my glorious dimpled thighs which lit the spark. Yours clothing featured this picture of me rocking a playsuit on their facebook page and it seemed some women just couldn't handle it.

Who knew a playsuit could cause such a fuss

These are just some of the comments

"Terrible makes her look fat"

Newsflash I am fat

I'm a bigger girl and I think playsuits and jumpsuits are definatley not suitable for bigger girls! Don't think they should even be made to fit us! Why try and wear skinny girl clothes that don't fit! Wear clothes that suit you and are fashionable!"

Wow are you actually sugesting that plus size women shouldnt have access to exactly the same clothes as their slimmer contemporaries, and you are plus size yourself. You madam are talking out of your hat.

"As a big girl myself I have the right to have a say ,I personally don't think it looks nice fair play you wear what you want but don't be surprised when people are negative about how you look you "

No as a big girl you dont have the right to be rude. This wooley headed logic would mean all brunettes can be rude to people with brown hair.

"Awful. Who designs these things"

Yours clothing and I obviously don't think its awful but thanks for dropping by. 

"I don't care who wears this outfit it is horrible and does nothing for either woman ..... goodness knows what the back view is like" 

It looks like a womens arse in a playsuit. I haven't got a tail.

This could have been terribly depressing if it wasnt for the swift and magnificent response of my fellow plus size brethren.

 I went from feeling quite demoralised to feeling lifted up to the sky by the sassy,witty responses left by so many of you. 
It heartned me that yes while there are  still women out there who are so socially conditioned to hate their own bodies that they go online to attack women with the same body shape as them, there are increasingly even more who refuse to accept this. Women who dont want to be told what they can and can't wear, who tear up the plus size rule book and cock a snook at anyone who tells them something is "unflattering" or "disgusting"

Plussies fighting back
To further add to my overall feeling that together we can slowly chip away at this relentless body snarking Yours Clothing issued this statement across their social media:

"On Sunday we put up two pictures of two of our gorgeous bloggers, Betty and Chante wearing our floral playsuit. They both looked stunning! However, there were some horrible negative personal comments about these lovely ladies, comments which we don’t tolerate and anybody making such horrible derogatory comments about ANYONE on this page will be deleted and banned. We appreciate any feedback on our clothes but not personal criticism.
We encourage ladies to share and embrace their curves, not put others down for it.
Thank you for listening and lets all embrace our curves together ! xx"

How classy is that.Showing all plus size clothing brands how social media should be done.
Do I like reading comments telling me I look horrible? no of course not. Will I allow them to ever stop me living my life as I want? wearing what I want?
well I think you know the answer to that and just to clarify, here I am again in said playsuit on the beach. With not one solitary f**k given.

Hello haters-look its my legs again

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  1. Yay!! Shaking my pompoms with you Miss Betty, I totally and utterly agree with you. There are some mean-minded people out there always ready to smack you down, but the thing is, let them try and I think there's normally a fairly high ratio of intelligent people who can think for themselves and won't be bullied, always ready to spring to a plussie's defence. PS, have I said that you rock that play suit? PPS - have you finished the book yet? :-)

  2. Good for you. All this hate talk between total strangers is exhausting. And for what it's worth, I think the playsuit looks great!

  3. I've said it before and i'll say it again - they were total arsebiscuits and you rock that playsuit.

  4. Hats off to Yours for addressing the issue, not just deleting the comments, very impressed.

  5. You look gorgeous - yet another attempt by idiots to put down a body confident woman. God forbid you wear what you want??? Xx

  6. I would have thought a play suit until I saw your post. The only thing that stopped me trying one on last weekend was that they didn't have my size. You look fucking fabulous and your body confidence rubs off on other people, especially me xxx

  7. Ah well, sadly nothing new there. I always hope that things will change but its a slow process. I bought a jumpsuit for myself IN A SIZE 24 GASP ! Because frankly, I wanted to try it and I saw Cass @ wearing hers and thought she looked amazing. I have tried it on and it feels amazing and I am planning on wearing to a social event at the weekend. We have to get out there and be seen I think. Love V xxx

  8. "I haven't got a tail." PMSL. You rock lady. I'd hate to be them, I really would. x x

  9. You are amazing and I love reading your blogs ! People can be small minded and they will find something bad to say no matter what ! I think you handled it in a wonderful manner you just rock !! Keep up the great work ! I am off on holiday and I am getting my fatty fat legs out watch out Bali I am coming haha Peace and Love xx

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  11. Hi Betty
    I feel a bit odd doing this as I have never posted on a "stranger's" blog before. The thing is I don't really think of you as a stranger, more as my mate who helps me with my fashion sense. I was never very good at clothes. If I bought something "daring" it tended to wear me - I would look unconvincing, as if I was in fancy dress. The daring clothes would go to the charity shop and I (like Amy Winehouse) would go back to black. Two years ago when I turned 50 I decided I woul nail this problem once and for all. I had a "safe" haircut, and I started following the fashion rules. I bought navy trousers, taupe cardigans and white shirts aplenty. People told me I was well dressed. Then I met you. I listened and I learned. I started out with the odd colourful T shirt. I added a wacky headband, I went and had my hair cut in an edgy style. I went out to dinner with some old friends wearing these and a bright orange T shirt. People stopped telling me I looked well dressed, that started saying I looked fabulous. I always felt you were there, holding my hand, telling me to enjoy the way I look. Today sees me in classic trousers and a cardigan, teamed with a "killer curves" T shirt, of course. Betty, you helped me become more confident and I want to thank you, and now seems like a really good time. You don't need me to tell you that you look more than fabulous in the playsuit, you know you do and I think that is what makes the trolls come out. They just can't stand people being happy. I wouldn't wear it myself...not my colour!. Enjoy your holiday and thanks again. Much love Sarah - See more at:

  12. Betty you look stunning as always. As a fellow plus size girl I struggle to find big, beautiful clothes that will also let me stand out from the crowd (I tend to worship at the alter of Collectif). Your blog and awesome sense of style never fail to inspire me.

    Love Jen

  13. You always look stunning, have a fabulous sense of style and a brilliant attitude - behind you all the way, lady. (Although, I do sometimes wish I DID have a tail!)

  14. I love you! I love you! I love you! Feck the trolls and long live the fatties! Now I must dash to pour myself into my tight red Bardot top and wiggle skirt for my night out!!!!

  15. This is why I think you're amazing! You rock that playsuit - and everything you wear - I hope you realise you're an inspiration to me and many others :-) x

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  17. Love that playsuit of yours, looks great on you girl! :) xx

  18. Screw the trolls they have nothing to do but attack ppl from behind a keyboard. Oh how brave of them. I thought it looked very cute and you are terrific for addressing the issue as Is the company for backing their ladies modelling the clothes. Bah. Keep up the great work!


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