Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Juicy Plus Size Ass Has No VPL

If you are tired of animal print you are tired of life

If you are bored of seeing me in leopard print avert your eyes. For my part I believe I will tire of leopard print when I die (and even then I plan on fashioning some rather jaunty leopard print angel wings)

I'm an angel with leopard print wings

I brought this dress a few weeks ago at the most unlikely of places, a factory outlet shop in North Wales. 
I was having an afternoon in  betwsycoed and happened to pass by a shop selling all manner of bits of pieces. I actually went in to see if I could pick up something for baba as I didn't imagine I would find anything in a plus size but how wrong I was. There were lots of things in sizes 16-22 and among them was this slinky leopard print dress. It cost me a fiver. Disco!
It just goes to show that when it comes to fatty clothes shopping little gems can spring up in the most unlikely of places so always have a rifle through the rails.

Straight from the factory floor

Hilariously it also came in a small size so baba got one too. Cue embarrassing mama daughter matchy matchy outfit pose. We just don't care.


There is not much to say about this outfit-its  classic plus size hottie styling . Fitted animal print, black shrug and a big animal print bag, I'm also wearing my Killer Curves necklace by Bete Noir. It works I feel hot, that is all.

This is a by the numbers Betty Pamper outfit and I like it a lot
Except it isnt because underneath this frock I am doing a product review, yes I've been fashion blogging for so long I can review without moving. I'm joking of course, what I mean is that I am wearing a pair of Yours clothing No VLP briefs  £6 which they sent me recently to put through the pamper arse test.

Mister Truffles the plus size pug confirms he can neither see (nor sniff) an VPL

I picked leopard print (of course) but they come in white and black as well. The idea is they leave you looking smooth as a peach with no VPL, handy when the fabric across your rear end is stretched as tight as mine.

Does my bum look big in this?

Do they work? well yes they do. To the naked eye it looks like I have forgone underwear completely but I'm far too well brought out to pull that move its just my magic pants. 

Killer Curves

They don't have any shape control properties so if you are a spanx addict these are not for you but for a lovely silky pair of knickers which won't give you a VPL they are great.Dress and knickers £11, plus size style confidence-priceless.

All Photos by Nicky Rockets

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