Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mutiny For Her Bounty by Nicky Rockets

You gotta ask before you touch my booty

What  a hectic weekend its been. I have just returned from the plus size fashion event "Plus North" where we launched our brand new Curveralla Tee shirt design "Mutiny for her Bounty" 

Its here-the brand new design!!
It seems Curveralla not content with sashaying around space or being the number one triple X  zombie killer is now taking on life as a plus size pirate.
The tag line is "You gotta ask before you touch my booty" which I think we can all agree are words to live by.
Too often people think Women with larger butts and boobs are quite happy to have then pinched and pawed at, as if our size makes us comfortable to be touched by strangers, maybe even grateful. Well back off. Curverella will take none of your handsy behavior.

The response to the Nicky Rockets brand at Plus North was just amazing. There is so much love and appreciation for our tee shirts, celebrating a plus size heroine as she goes through life's adventures.It means so much to me and Nicky. This brand comes from a place of such personal investment and for others to buy into it is just mind blowing and very very gratifying.It seems I'm not the only fat girl who wants to see depictions in comics and on tee shirts of sassy, sexy girls who look like me.

At the Nicky Rockets stand with Baba Bee

The new design was a big hit but we also received a lot of love for the other designs in the collection too especially our latest "Do you want curves with that" Here are just a few of the very cool chicks who were flying the Nicky Rockets flag.

The new design comes in sizes S-XXXL and is available in vests, round neck tees, slash neck tees and lady fits. There is basically a style to suit every curve.
Loving the lady fit

the classic Tee

If you would like to purchase the new design go to the Nicky Rockets shop  they are £15 and please send me any photos. Every time I see a picture of someone in a Curverella tee shirt I want to do an air punch (oh who am I kidding I do an actual air punch and sometimes a jig)

Limited Edition "Do You Want  Curves With That?"  Tee Shirts Now On Sale

My brand new "Do You Want Curves With That?" tee Shirts cost £15 and are available to buy from here having curves never looked so good!

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