Monday, 18 August 2014

Kiss My Big Fat Lips: H & M Plus Size Crop Top

Kiss Kiss

It wasn't until the other day that I even knew that H and M  did a plus size range (or Hennes as I still call them like a Nan who still refers to a snickers as a Marathon bar)
Its certainly always been very well hidden when I have shopped in there before (usually for kids stuff) and it was the chance sighting of a discussion on a plus size fashion forum that made me decide to pop into the new concession that has opened near me.
I actually went in for a cardigan to go with a frock I have just brought and was delighted to find that they had the exact shade and style I was after for a very affordable £9 but that's another outfit for another outfit post-god I bet you are at the edge of your seat-what a cliffhanger.Never mind will everyone in the walking dead escape the terminal or will Jon Snow be able to protect the wall from the Wildlings in game of thrones, the real question on everyone's lips is what kind of cardigan have I brought-I'm such a tease. Just call me Dita.
Anyway while I was there it seemed rude to ignore the sale rail and I'm so glad I had a gander because look what I found, this amazing top for a mere £4. Yep fatty bum bum awesomeness for less than a Costa-sometimes life is good.
Pound for pound its all good

I have seen a few other plus size babes sporting outfits with big pink lip motifs on and had a lot of lip envy (that sounds so wrong-you know what I mean) so as soon as I saw this I made a grab for it. Now I don't really understand the H and M's sizing. I'm not sure if this is from the plus size range as it was on a sale rail (I'm assuming that as it fits me it must be) and the label says M which I think means medium. Who knows. It fits my chubby size 18 body perfectly so happy days.
Slightly confused by the sizing but not confused by how much I love this top

This is a crop top and whilst I am actually quite comfortable getting my tummy out I didn't want to style it like that for today's outing to the cinema. Instead I have popped a vest underneath it and a black stretchy skirt from Pink Clove. 
A brand new outfit with just one new item

The belt is an ebay purchase, I'm all about brightly coloured patent belts at the moment, I love how they instantly turn an outfit into something a little cartoonish.
patent belts for the win

My bag is from a shop in the St Johns centre in Birkenhead called Boutique and cost £7 (keeping it real ladies) and my hair flowers were also from H and M and were about a fiver.My Drama queen necklace is from Black Heart Creatives who are brilliant and you should check out.

Say what you see

I feel really good in this outfit. Its a great example of how just one new thing can create an amazing look using existing things you already have in your wardrobe.

Its lip smackingly good!

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