Sunday, 24 August 2014

Giving It The (Lady) V's: 50's Hepburn pale pink floral tea dress

This frocks all about the pretty

Some frocks are all about the pretty. The moment you slip them on you feel adorable, they are imbued with an almost alchemy that transforms you. You stand taller, you walk with a hip sashay that would make Rupaul proud, your eyelashes seem to grow to twice the length and you flutter them like the caramel bunny.
This is one of those dresses.

Sashay shantay
I'm already a big fan of the Tiger Milly website and when I saw they were stocking the Lady Vintage collection of frocks I was very happy indeed. Lady V of London has been quietly invading my facebook feed with numerous pictures of curvy babes in splendid frocks, they even have a selection designed by queen curvy Georgina Horne herself-its all good baby.

Clever as well as adorable
This 50's Hepburn pale pink floral tea dress £53.95 is one of the nicest dresses I have worn in quite some time.
The cut is clever. Despite being a scoop neck it isn't squashing my boobs (so often this style of dress makes me feel like Barbra Streisand in Yentl strapping her boobs down) The bodice detail is a gift if you are large in the chest department but fancy a holiday from having to place your boob shelf on the table before you start eating.
papa can you hear me?

The fitted belt which is sewn in and ties at the back gives you the classic 1950's nipped in waist which as you know I love and the skirt gently billows out like a floral decorated bell, Ding dong-plus size hottie calling.
This shade of pink is just divine. Its like the petal of a chrysanthemum, soft and dewy and the floral design is in a light grey.Its pink yes but its understated. Like a whisper in your ear rather than a punch in the face (although as you well know when it comes to pink I like it every which way)
A dress this retro gorgeous deserves big hair and a lorra lorra make up and really who am I to deny it. It had me at hello.
To this end I have teased my hair into a beehive that Amy (RIP) would have been proud of and on my lips I'm wearing the rather pale and sixties inspired velvet lip lacquer by MUA in shade funk (she got the funk)

Beehive babe
I always feel wonderful in pink so this dress is  a perfect storm of colour, fit and print.Well played TigerMilly well played indeed.

All photos by Nicky Rockets

*Item gifted

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