Monday, 11 August 2014

Curverella is Ready To Take On Plus North

Plus North I'm Coming To get You

Its only a few weeks until the fabulous Plus North event takes place in Leeds (30th and 31st of August) and its fair to say I am very excited.
For the uninitiated Plus North is a celebration of all things plus size with a particular emphasis on fashion. This two day event includes catwalk shows by brands including Yours,Simply Be and So fabulous and stands from all manner of designers previewing their new collections. 
There are also workshops run by bloggers and body positive activists all spreading the fatty love.
I went last year and absolutely loved it,so much so that I will be showcasing my tee shirt company Nicky Rockets there and will be releasing a brand new Curverella design on the day.Yep a brand new installment in the Curverella series and Plus North attendees will be able to get their mitts on it first!

We will also have some of our well loved designs on sale including:

Invasion Of The Killer Curves

Our very first design featuring our fearless chubby heroine.Fat chick in space. Hell yeah.

Invading You With My Curves

Curverella And The Zombies

One for all the horror buffs out there. Whats not to love about a plus size girl in a bikini holding a severed head?

The Walking Red (head)

Betty Pamper Adventures Of A Plus Size Hottie 
My very own teeshirt-a leopard print clad curvy firecracker straddling a HB pencil with her wobbly thighs.

I'm not curvy, I'm just drawn that way

The Curverella series has been planned out since she was very first brought to life by Nicky Rockets magic pen (ooh er matron) each installment is a new adventure, a new genre and a new imagining of what a fat super heroine can do.
We are obviously keen to keep the design under wraps until the big day but it is just freaking awesome! My favorite yet. Here is a tiny peek.


We have been amazed at how everyone has taken this big bangered babe to their heart.
Every day we receive photos and emails from women loving having a kick ass curvy heroine featured on a tee-shirt and loving that the sizes goes from small to 3XL because guess what curvy is a shape not a size.
Curveralla is a powerful chunky goddess who takes no nonsense and it seems plus size hotties the world over are digging her sass and her ass.
We have had some great blogger reviews recently as well including Georgina from Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust who looked simply adorable in our lady fit tees and vest

Lori from Rarely Wears Lipstick looking super foxy in her suspenders (apparently she writes her blog in this outfit-this news set twitter alight)

Sam from fattyboomtatty (Sam is also going to be one of our Curverella promo girls at London Edge in September, I mean how much of a blonde bombshell is she)

We also loved this picture of alternative model extraordinaire Coco Fierce Beauty and strength just ooze from this image.

Photo by Gabriella Csutor-Photography
I was also very excited to see one of my favorite plus size designer/bloggers Chubby Cartwheels post this on her Instagram feed this week.Total squeal moment.I heart her so much.

Hope to see lots of you at Plus North. There are still some tickets left and its a bragaintastic £6 you can buy them here use the code LEEDS25 for 25% off ticket
We will have lots of little treats for anyone who purchases a tee shirt from us on the day, including free entry into our Curverella raffle where you can win your choice of tee shirt or vest. We will also be giving prizes out to the best selfies taken whilst wearing a Nicky Rockets Teeshirt on the day using the hashtag #nickyrockets on twitter or tagging our Nicky Rockets facebook page 
Keep it curvy!

Limited Edition Killer Curves Tee Shirts Now On Sale
My brand new Killer Curve tee Shirts cost £12 and are available to buy from here having curves never looked so good!

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