Friday, 4 July 2014

Betty Pamper's Weekend Wishlist

Its the weekend. No alarm clocks, cooked breakies and time for some virtual window licking. Here is what's making my credit card twitch.

Paper Dolls Pink Shift Dress £55 Buy here
A pink shift dress with a black lace collar. So simple but so frigging luscious at the same time. Pink might well make boys wink but it makes me have a tiny bit of drool on my chin (unpleasant I know) when its fashioned into a frock this tasty.

Scarlet and Jo Floral Prom Skirt £48 Buy here
I've seen this worn by countless bloggers and it just looks amazing on everyone. I would usually refuse to pay nearly £50 for a skirt but I just love this so much. I might just forgive its price tag and welcome it into the warm embrace of my closet.

Lightweight Cherry Print Sweater Asos Curve £17 Buy here
This would be so handy to chuck on at weekends or over a lightweight dress in the evening. I like the vaguely retro feel to it and who doesn't love cherries?

Vivienne Westwood Oversized Kitten Teeshirt £284 Buy here
Its ridiculously expensive, ridiculously kitsch but oh my how I wish this was in my possession. Its oversized so would fit over my large bangers a treat-miaow indeed

Palmistry Hand Jewellery stand Urban Outfitters £15 Buy here
This would look superb on my dressing table and as I've always fancied myself as a bit of a Romany gypsy I could acquaint myself with life lines and start telling peoples fortune on the side. Cross my palm with silver, well £15 to be exact.

Quilt Cross Body bag with Rabbit ears £18 Buy here

Bonkers yet practical. Edgy but actually really wearable. Words can not convey how much I want this bag.

River Island Brown Tortoiseshell mirrored sunglasses £13 Buy here
Get on my face now (ooh matron)

Rocket Dog Gingham Shoes £25 Buy here
If I tap my heels together will I be at a picnic? I'm not sure but my trotters are sending out a siren of lurve to these little beauts.

Have a good weekend y'all

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